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Is CMAT really easy compared to CAT? What is the CMAT Fees? I am not sure if I can crack CAT with high scores, but I want to get through good colleges. So I am wondering if CMAT will help me with that.

Asked By: Anonymous 18 Sep 2017


Answer By: Getmyuni

18 September, 2017

CAT is considered one of the toughest exams in India and with so many aspirants writing the exam, it is of course, difficult to be over the top percentile, but is a prestigious exam which has high value in the current MBA Education Market. CMAT, on the other hand, allows admission to most of the popular and top MBA colleges in the country and comparatively easier compared to CAT. So, getting a higher score for CMAT is easier compared to CAT. Here you can check the CMAT Exam Pattern and CMAT fees.

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