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Eligibility Criteria for BE in AIT- Pune

Asked By: Anonymous 10 Apr 2016


Answer By: Getmyuni

26 April, 2016

Hi Shivam,
Eligibility Criteria:
The candidate must fulfil the age criteria requirements as per JEE Main 2014 i.e., candidates whose date of birth falls on or after 01 October 1989 are eligible.
The date of birth recorded in the matriculation or equivalent (Class X) certificate or in the Secondary Education Board / University Certificate only will be accepted as proof of age.              
Mandatory Eligibility Requirement. The applicant must be a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin from any foreign country but who intends to settle permanently in India and obtains Indian citizenship before admission to AIT.
Eligibility for Admission to AIT.  Admission to Army Institute of Technology is for the children of eligible serving Army personnel, eligible ex Army personnel and war widows of the Army. The children of following categories of Army personnel are eligible and they are required to submit the relevant certificate as given against the category applicable to them as proof of their eligibility for admission to AWES Professional Colleges along with the Application Form :- 
(a) The applicants must fall into one of the following categories:                                         
(i) Children of serving Army personnel with minimum 10 years continuous service in the Army (Submit Certificate No 1).      
(ii) Children of ex Army personnel  granted/ awarded regular pension, liberalized family pension, family pension or disability pension at the time of their superannuation, demise, discharge, release medical board/invalid medical board. This includes wards of recruits medically boarded out and granted disability pension (Submit Certificate No 1).
(iii) Children of ex Army personnel who have taken discharge or released after ten years of service   (Submit Certificate No 1).
(b) Adopted /Step children and children of Remarried Widows.
(i) Adopted Child of Army personnel if adopted at least five years prior to seeking admission (Submit Certificate No 2).                  
(ii) Step Children are eligible provided they are born from a wedding where at least one parent belonged to the Army who is otherwise eligible (Submit Certificate No 2).
Eligibility Criteria in Special Cases:
(i) Eligibility Criteria for Wards of Ex Army Medical Corps Officers/Army Dental Corps Officers presently serving with Indian Navy or Indian Air Force(IN/IAF).  Wards of only those ex Army medical officers/Army Dental Corps officers presently serving with Indian Navy or Indian Air Force who have served with the Army for atleast 10 years (Submit Certificate No 3).                                  
(ii) Eligibility Criteria for Children of APS/ MNS/TA Personnel (Submit Certificate No 3).
Children of APS personnel classified  as  ex- servicemen as per Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 9(52)/88/D(Res) dated 19 Jul 1989.
Children of those APS  personnel who are on deputation and who have put in 10 years of service in the Army.  
Children of APS personnel, who are directly recruited into APS who have competed 10 years of service and of those who as per their terms and conditions of service, retired from APS without reversion to P&T Department after completing their minimum pensionable service of which 10 years was in the Army.
Children of only those members of MNS who have 10 years service as regular members of MNS or are in receipt of pension from the Army. 
Children of only those TA personnel who have completed 10 years of embodied service.

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