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Admission Application for BA in DAV- Chandigarh

Asked By: Anonymous 06 Apr 2016


Answer By: Getmyuni

21 April, 2016

Hi Rahul,

Admission Application:

Applications on the prescribed form appended to the Prospectus should be submitted to the college office as per admission schedule. The form should be complete in all respects, with all supporting documents at the time of submission/interview. Separate Application Forms need to be filled for applying to more than one programme/ course/stream.


Admission Dates:

  • Normal Admission 07-07-14 (Monday) to 15-07-14 (Tuesday)
  • Late Admission to be allowed by the Principal of the college with a Late Fee of Rs. 500/- per student. 16-07-14 (Wednesday) to 28-07-14 (Monday)
  • Late admission in the college to be allowed by the Vice-Chancellor with a late fee of Rs. 1,800/- per student 30-07-14 (Wednesday) to 20-08-14 (Wednesday)

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