Winter Internship Project: A Crucial Ingredient In PGDM Academic Curriculum

The Lexicon Group of Institutes’ Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence is renowned as the best internship and placement provider to its students. This University also awarded as the ‘Best Management Institute for Placements 2020’. In-class learning as well as in practical field, Lexicon Management Institute is driven to giving students the best of both worlds. When it comes to the training and internship,  Winter Internship Project is named as one of the most prominent features, which is a mandatory part of the PGDM curriculum offered at Lexicon MILE.

This Winter Internship Project has conducted by all Lexicon MILE students along with the Ministry of Forests, Pune. This mandatory project is to understand the meet the global need for social and emotional needs in the corporate world and to focus on rural research, and. This unique learning experience is to make students familiar with nature and its rural citizens and to improve the social and environmental sensitivity among the aspirants. This internship program of the PGDM curriculum carries a weightage of 100 marks and it plays a vital role in reshaping the academic curriculum. 

Lexicon MILE programs, the Winter Internship Conclave held on the 14th March 2020, brought an exciting experience for all the students. Three senior Indian Forest Services (IFS) officers from the Ministry of Forests, Government of Maharashtra graced the Lexicon MILE campus. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, (Indian Forests Services), Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Social Forestry, Government of Maharashtra; Mr.RangnathNaikade, (Indian Forests Services), Conservator of Forests, Government of Maharashtra; and Ms. SreelaxmiiAnnabathula, (Indian Forests Services), Dy. Conservator of Forests, Government of Maharashtra were the most honoured guests at this event. These senior members addressed the students with their chosen topics for the Winter Internship Program for 2020. The topics for this year’s research in villages are 1. Impact of Publicity and awareness on the public for 50 Cr. Sapling Plantation scheme; 2. Public opinion about the roadside plantation, its utility, and Management; 3. Study of Rainfall Pattern, Water Management, Harvesting, and crop cultivation; 4.  Ecotourism potential in rural areas and employment generation. 

The WINTER INTERNSHIP PROJECT for August 2019 was conducted in five locations in Maharashtra: Chikhaldhara, Jalna, Pal, Shahapur, and Kundal. The qualified students can get the opportunity to represent their research work in front of the dignitaries from the Forest Department at the Winter Internship Conclave. The Powerpoint presentations and videos were not only just the mode of presenting the most effective and engaging way but also gave students the confidence to present their innovative ideas on stage in front of a respected audience. The Conclave for 2020 witnessed the perfect arrangements and execution from all the students. 

The event was organized and coordinated by Dr.Anuja Johri with the help of Dr.Vineeta Agrawal, Prof. Sandra & Prof. Veena Sharma. Prof. Amar Narkhede was instrumental in the central coordination right from students and faculty group allocation until its publication of the report in the form of a book. Dr.Anuja edited the report multiple times and also coordinated with the printing vendor to make it flawless. Dr.Nandkumar and Prof. Madhuri Bedekar summarised the winter Internship project and present the evaluation to the forest officials. Prof. Raju was immense support for the entire event and all the students. 

Dr.Susen Varghese, Director, Lexicon MILE, plays a significant role in the success of all the students at Lexicon MILE. She did a great job by interacting with the Ministry of Forests to the overseeing of this Winter Internship Conclave. All in all this Winter Internship Project conclave was indeed a commendable success for all. 

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