Why study Liberal Arts and Humanities at Chandigarh University?

The world is being rewritten by technology across sectors-creating new business models every day. Organizations are constantly under intense pressure to put in more efforts to explore newer opportunities and avenues. We are already quite close to that future where humans will be completely enslaved by intelligent machines with pre-set algorithms and automation capable of making all decisions independently. In such a turbulent business environment, professionals stand the risk of completely losing essential human values such as empathy and integrity; we are all stuck in a world that is more mechanized/ computerized and increasingly less “Manual”. Such a technology-led world is currently facing a major challenge of realigning the “virtual” with the “real”. Therefore, shifting our focus back to the study of Liberal Arts and Humanities is perhaps the only viable solution in the given scenario. For Chandigarh University MA Liberal Arts admissions, Apply Now!

Pursue MA in Liberal Arts and Humanities at Chandigarh University because:

  • Chandigarh University understands the need to usher in a more balanced world where Liberal Arts and Humanities are not segregated but fundamental to technological advancements.
  • The University Team are determined to expose you to the best that is there in the field of Liberal Arts and Humanities.
  • Hailing from India, United States, and Europe, the faculty team of Chandigarh University is both unique and diverse.
  • With the student strength ranging from the smallest nooks of the Indian nation to brightest of minds from countries far off, Chandigarh University itself is the best example there can be of uniqueness and diversity.
  • Learning at Chandigarh University is not rote but practical-with direct involvement in one’s chosen field of interest.
  • It exposes students to the best of thinkers and practitioners in the field from both India and abroad who will be the professors and mentors.
  • Chandigarh University is determined to go beyond formal education confined to degrees, diplomas, and certificates.
  • Students will be provided with “on-field training” giving ample opportunities to apply the skills learned during classroom sessions.
  • The University is collaborated with leading international universities and colleges to facilitate learning through student and faculty exchange.
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