Why Marketing !!

By Mihir Kanulkar

Marketing is not just another term you read about in the books. It is an essence of how you present yourself to the world. Being a marketer is more than just being able to drive the sales for the organisation, it is also about creating a happier environment within it. For me, marketing is a term that one can associate with their daily life. Humans, being the social creatures we are, constantly seek acceptance from our peers - branding through the talents we have, seeking proper channels for communication, developing partnerships by lending a helping hand, maintaining this relationship through timely and continuous follow-ups. This quality being naturally ingrained in us, becomes one of our most efficient abilities. Whether we choose to put it to use or not, is a choice we all make.

The NMIMS Mileage

I, for one, chose to go ahead with it and to further improve my skills in marketing; started pursuing an MBA from one of the best places to learn more about the subject – NMIMS Mumbai. My time at NMIMS has been one of my greatest learning phases and I am sure this place would definitely help me to develop a successful career in marketing. Here, we learn from the best – faculties as well as guest lecturers.

I understand that it is certainly after acquiring a lot of insights into the various nitty-gritties of marketing, developing their skillset and amassing a lot of knowledge about the industry that great leaders are where they are now. That being said, a yearn for representing your organisation in front of the customers is also one of the key elements to being inclined towards this field.

Understanding the essentials

If you know you have the key elements, you would most certainly know where you want to be. It is just a matter of self-realization that you need in your life to understand that these qualities would take you a long way into influencing numerous people around the globe. 

I hope while reading this each one of you is thinking about your path ahead while looking inside, deep within, as to where your passion truly lies and what your basic human instincts really drive you to do. All the best and cheers!

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