Why Internships are an Integral Part of any Professional Course?

Do you get bored sitting in a lecture room all day long listening to teachers? People have different learning techniques; they tend to do things their own way. 

Some learn easily in a quiet room, some like group studies and some need to listen to music while studying. There is no wrong way to gain more knowledge but there are ways it can be improved. The best way to learn is by doing internships.

An internship is a type of work experience an employer offers for a specific amount of time. This can be paid or unpaid where you get to experience a little time as a professional. If you are unsure about your chosen specialty then this is the best way to see if you like it.

Additionally, if you have a dream organization you want to work for, then an internship will help in getting your foot through the door. You can also network during your work experience to keep your possibility of a return open.

If someone wants to qualify as a doctor they need to intern for a few years. It is vital to their qualification as at the end of the day they’ll be responsible for someone’s life. But there are other courses which do not make it a requirement to intern for attaining your qualification. However, by not interning you will be at a disadvantage.

A student at TKWs Institute of Banking and Financing shared her experience. PriyaChugh said:  

“This institute offers practical knowledge. We have learned through various experiential learning activities. The best feeling is when we wear formals and feel like we are already working in the corporate world.”  

Think of a scenario, where your car has suddenly broken down. You try to Google, to figure out how to get it started but you fail. Now, would you give a call to a mechanic to help you or an inexperienced person? It is quite obvious; a mechanic would have experience, knowledge, andskills that make him trustworthy.

Similarly, if you are having troubles with the electrical system at your home you call a person who knows their way around wires. An electrician would know what is going wrong and how to fix it.

Just like that, from an Employer’s point of view you will be more trustworthy and a better candidate if you have prior experience. Even if your internship was for a short while, you would know more than someone with no experience.

This is the reason why internships are an integral part of a professional course. You can judge an institute by researching whether they provide placements along with your chosen qualification. If they are not helping with placements then it is probably not a good institute.

TKWsIBF doesn’t leave its students high and dry. We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to prepare for interviews; our institute helps students to get their dream jobs. We do this by organizing 14 placement preparation sessions, which include all the know-how to giving an outstanding interview. We also know that our students are not the same. They all have diverse talents and similarly different weaknesses. Hence, we cannot expect that a single tutor can help them all out, at the same time. So, we provide personalized mentoring to our students in order to tailor it to their specific qualities and shape them into a desirable candidate.

Don’t worry, it is not all theoretical. We organize 5 Mock Interviews so that our students can get a taste of what is expected from them and give them an idea of what to expect from their interviewer as well.  

It might be your first time going through placements and we are aware of how difficult it can be Post Placement as well. So, we also offer our students with Post Placement Hand holding.

Now, if you have not done any internship then all this training will only get you half prepared. It is highly important to have some experience as an intern to get 100% ready for getting a placement.

In fact, you can also get a Pre-placement offer if you perform well in your internships. Our institute gives 5 interview chances to each student and most of them only need 2. Due to all the training and mentoring we provide and the internships our students undergo, they get an offer within their first 2 interviews.

This is just one benefit of internships; there are several advantages that are listed below. This will convince you to get some hands-on experience before you step into the real world.

The Advantages of doing an internship for student:

Test the waters

This gives you a chance to see whether your chosen career path is the right one. When you are sitting in a lecture hall listening to your tutor, you get all the academic knowledge you need. But when you actually work as a professional for a while you get the real picture. During your internship, if you realize that this is not the career you wanted then you can rethink your options.  That is why internships are so beneficial; they help you in understanding your role and in analyzing whether it’s compatible with you. And don’t forget that it’s never too late.

Act like a Boss

In this day and age, it is not easy to find a good internship. When you land one, don’t work as an intern. In a short time, you need to prove yourself to the employer by working efficiently. In fact, you need to perform better than their employees. If you make a good impression, your internship might turn into a full-time job!

Learn new skills and Master the old ones

There is never a limit to knowledge; it’s like the sky. The more you learn, the wiser you get.  During your internship, you get a chance to work alongside the talented and experienced professionals. You need to treat this as a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. You can pick their brains, shadow them and develop new skills.

Play dress-up

This is a pretty exciting part of an internship. You get to dress like a professional. In the Financial and Banking sector you can wear immaculate suites and top it up with a nice tie. On the first day, if you turn up in a hoodie then you can say bye to your job possibility in that organization.

Have an exceptional work resume

Any internship you do big or small, help in building your resume. This is important when you are applying for a job. The first thing the employer will see is not you, it’s your resume.

Earn a little cash

This only happens with paid internships. They are the best because you can earn some extra money by taking the least stress as you are a temporary employee.

These are just some of the advantages of an internship. If you are looking for an internship in Financing and Banking then you need to go to our website and find more details. In our last two batches, we had 100% placements for jobs and internships for Undergraduate and Post Graduate students.

We have covered the reason why an internship should be an integral part of a professional course. Now, we will tell you why you should choose a course in the Banking and Finance sector.

Unlike other industries, the Banking and Finance sector is always growing. This sector is constantly looking to recruit graduates who have the potential and knowledge to be a part of their organization. They need people who can bring zeal to the workplace and help take responsibility for its progress.

If you are looking for a career in this sector then you should undertake a course at TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance. Our Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance is a B.com with triple qualification Program. It involves:

  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance,
  • B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University (SOL) and
  • Company Secretary Preparation, ICSI(Optional)

Through this, you learn all the relevant skills you need to kick-start your career in this sector. After getting certified, you can either

  • Get employed by one of the prestigious organizations, or
  • Pursue a Masters to grow your knowledge or
  • Start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur

This aims at people aspiring to work as international bankers. We have our talented staff, digitally streaming lectures and international guest lecturers, which give students the right exposure and knowledge. We have also made our educational system interactive by providing tours of campuses of other Asian countries. You can enroll for this after completing your graduation.  

When you are deciding between institutes don’t overlook their placement criteria. And for those looking in the Banking and Finance industry,can visit our website to see which course suits you.

You can compromise with a lot of things but we make sure your career, isn’t one of them.

Authored By:

Corporate Relations Department
TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance

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