What is more important in Graduation: Course or College?

Time wasted can never be recovered. This adage holds true all through life and is even more relevant while you search for that perfect course. Sometimes for various reasons and even after all of our best efforts we feel compelled to choose the second best option of our field of study. But this suppleness in your choice can have drastic effects on your future life and happiness. There is a world of difference that comes into play and awaits this one small decision to move away from the BCom Honours course to the BCom Pass course.

Your choice of BCom Honours course will open up a world of opportunity later on which the BCom Pass course will never do even if it is from a popular and well-known institution. Both these courses have a similar course structure from the outside but that is where the similarity stops. The BCom Honours course allows specialisation in your preferred field in the last year of study which the Pass course does not. The market perception and the demand for a person from the Honours course is very different that translates to the fact that you shall be passed over when you hit the market with a Pass course instead of the Honours one.

The BCom Pass course is also a 3 year course like the Honours course and this also only allows the brightest and cream of students from the commerce background with a good score in Mathematics and Commerce in the school board examinations but the main aim of the  Pass course is to make the students’ familiar with the commerce domain and its different aspects and not a deep study. Students who pursue this course learn how business and trading is done but the course does not provide the kind of in-depth knowledge of the commerce field as does the Honours course. This in-depth study of your choice of subject makes all the difference later on in life and career.

The Honours course accepts, at any learning institute, people with an aptitude for analytics and hones your skills further to inculcate a keen business acumen, much in demand in most business houses. In addition, it trains you about business organisations, their operations and their management in a more intensive manner and enhances your skill of commercial awareness through the course structure based on case studies and projects. It further opens up the field of Chartered Accountancy thus bringing another lucrative career option within your grasp. 

Both the courses demand good marks in the 12th board examinations and most institutes nowadays have an entrance examination as well to sort the chaff. Some of the top institutions under the University of Delhi demand almost the same amount of marks for admission to their BCom Pass course as do some average colleges in Delhi who will instead offer you the Honours course at the same level. The lifestyle, prestige and the sense of belonging to a top institute is undeniably a good feeling for these 3 years of your life but you should not get sidelined by the glitter of the top college. Do not just opt for the Pass course at one of the top colleges especially if you can opt for the Honours course but in not such an esteemed institute.

After successful completion of the Honours course all sorts of lucrative options in sectors like business operations, business administration, commerce and finance open up in the private sector and senior positions in the government sector just lap up people with the right skills through civil services and customs. Further studies can be undertaken through both the Honours and Pass courses but only the BCom Honours course allows gives you strong accounting and finance fundamentals that help you throughout your career. The Honours course surely has a better reputation in the industry than the Pass course which is evident by the difference in the salary structure.

You must have by now finalised after extensive research that one field which is your strength and where we know you shall prosper and be happy. We should not settle for a lesser degree course due to any unforeseen circumstances even though it is in a popular institution. After all those hours pondering on the choices of institutions, slashing the list down to a chosen few, ranking them on various parameters like faculty, research prospects, placement opportunities, etc. one should not dilute all that effort to settle for another course. And especially not even if your whole gang of friends is attending a ‘X’ popular college. College life is meant to have fun but with a sharp lookout and aim towards the rest of your life. 

If your marks are not sufficient for the top college in Delhi, do not fret. The choices are many and the route is still open to your dreams via another institute. Maybe this other institute is not as well known as your first choice but if it is offering you the BCom Honours course, you should grab it with both hands and go towards your destiny. 

If distance seems to be a problem and not only marks with both the top colleges as well as the average ones then there is always the option of undertaking the course via a distance learning program like the ones offered at School of Open Learning at the University of Delhi or IGNOU. There are many other institutes in India that offer both the BCom courses via their distance learning programs. With the advent of technology, distance learning is almost as good as full time traditional method of learning that also allows you to stay at home and save loads of money while you still are able to run after that pot of gold.

There are other choices of many average colleges and institutes that will gladly offer the Honours course which will open up the field for you later on in life. Other fields of study that are proven to gain a good salary and lifestyle after pursuing the Honours course are investment banking, portfolio management, actuarial sciences, company secretary, financial analyst, management accountant, risk management and even luxury brand management. Even entrepreneurs and start-up companies will invite you with open arms. One can always choose to study further and do their Master’s and PhD to finally enter the teaching field. So choose wisely and stay with the plan and the course that you know you should pursue to lead a better life.

TKWsIBF also has a range of options that you may want to pursue in your quest for better skills and a well paying job. We offer in collaboration with the School of Open Learning, University of Delhi an integrated BCom Honours course that allows you the flexibility of an assortment of career choices.

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