Vandalism of Professor's Car Triggers Debate on the Installation of Cameras on the Campus

Prof. Buddha Singh of JNU was speaking at meeting at the Sabarmati Dhaba when his car was found vandalized. Both students and teachers were present at the meeting. 

The administration of the university tried to install cameras on the university campus earlier this year in March. It faced heavy opposition from the JNUSU which was completely opposed to the idea. The installed cameras were dismantled by the JNUSU students. According to the Registrar of the university, there is a dire need for cameras on the university as it will assist the university in stopping the people responsible for these attacks.

Call for Action from the Professors

Prof. Buddha Singh has demanded cameras to be installed on the campus as well as strict action against the JNUSU for dismantling the cameras that were installed earlier on the campus. Prof. Atul Johari has also said that it is an incident which requires the various political groups on the campus to be questioned. He also called out the JNUTA for condemnation of the killing of the jawans in Kupwara and Sukma.  

Former JNU Vice President has accused the administration of being biased towards the ABVP. He pointed out to the lack of action on the kidnapping of JNu student, Najeeb Ahmed. He said that the administration did not feel the need to install when the kidnapping took place. 

22 people, including the members of the administration, were witness to the kidnapping but no one felt the need for the installation of cameras on the campus at that time. Former JNU Vice President Shehla Rashid said that installing cameras goes in vain if the administration is biased.

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