UPES Takes a Step Towards Sustainable Future, Designs Solar Tree Powered Electric Bicycle

The development of a self-powering solar tree powered electric bicycle by UPES researchers Dr. Roushan Kumar, Divyanshu (M.Tech-Automation and Robotics), Basant Singh Bhaskar (B.Tech-Mechatronics Engineering), and Udayveer Mittal (B.Tech-Mechatronics Engineering) is one of the significant steps taken for a sustainable and environment-friendly future. The researchers also developed an innovative bicycle having an electric motor suitable for short-distance transportation. The electric motor used can drive the bicycle to a speed of about 30-35 km/hour and can cover a distance of around 70-80 km without pedalling. The persistent efforts of UPES researchers to develop a better future is highly praiseworthy. 

Researcher Dr. Roushan explained the working concept of the solar tree. He said, “Sunlight is regularly considered as the main bounteous and free energy asset. Among all the various methods accessible to harness solar energy, the most well-known and developed innovative technique is the solar photovoltaic cell. A solar tree has various design parameters in the Himalayan region. The development work is executed in such a way so as to cater to multiple user demands and provide an environmentally-viable solution.”

Dr. Divyanshu mentioned that solar tree is very useful in hilly regions having poor visibility of flatlands, and in addition to that, it will act as an eco-friendly solution. “A new idea of a modular solar tree design,” he further adds, “is presented in our research which consists of a monocrystalline cell with front tempered glass, anodized aluminium alloy frame and hybrid solar inverter based on DSP technology.”

The researchers Udayveer and Basant enlightened the use of the solar tree as a lighting solution in the Himalayan regions, bringing a revolution. They said, “Less space utilization, no overlapping of solar plates and maintenance-free equipment with the latest technology is the source of inspiration for the development of a solar tree. The current research paper deals with modular frame design and tilted absorber PV plates lead to more exposure to Sunlight. The designed tree is a non-tracking solar tree, which is furnished with 3 watts and 6 watts LED light, multiple USB 2.0 port, and basic electrical socket to charge laptops as well as mobile phones.” The team of researchers are thrilled with the success of the principle used for developing the bicycle. “Our driving force,” they explain, “was that the bicycle is the finest mode of transport known to man which emits no greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Some other notable features of the bicycle apart from an integrated electric motor includes a speed selection mode, clock, inbuilt charging socket, speedometer, storage box, foot-rest, led lamps, and automatic light sensors. Another unique concept that would be implemented is that a user can use a simple mobile app for booking a ride. The bicycle can take a seating load of up to 120 kg at a time.  

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