UPES Student is in the Headlines for Developing Telemedicine App ‘Spotdoc’

Recently, A research team at UPES, comprising Dr. Anirban Chowdhury, Faculty and Coordinator of Interaction Design Program and R & D Coordinator at UPES and Ambika Negi, 3rd Year B.Des has developed a telemedicine app called ‘Spotdoc’ that is all set to cater to the requirements of the citizens.

The current medicine situation in India is worse than ever before. The hospitals refuse to treat patients for any other illness other than COVID-19. It is all over the news the suffering of people who are denied the medical care facility. This has caused a lot of distress among the people. The medical procedures that were initially scheduled are being postponed in such situations; many emergency cases are left unattended. The recent update regarding the hospitals is that patients need a COVID-19 test certificate to show that it is negative for any other medical treatments. Since it takes time for the testing and report deaths are reported due to delay in this process. In some cases, due to the non-availability of treatment initially, even the minor cases are being detrimental. Considering this problem UPES students have come up with a unique solution. 

To fight with the disaster, the students of UPES have used their creativity in solving medical problems faced by people due to the COVID-19 situation. The research team of UPES committed to addressing this issue form the team involving Dr. Anirban Chowdhury, the faculty and the coordinator of the college interaction design program, and the R&D coordinator of UPES school of design. Ambika Negi, third-year B.Des student contributed to design the interface of this telemedicine application. The application detects COVID-19 symptoms. The team will leave that although there are few telemedicine applications that exist the most flaw in them is the ignorance towards heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring. The prescriptions are not according to the availability of the local pharmacies. This interface will provide all the required facilities to better judge the situation. The medicines are prescribed online with an eye prescription, a heart rate, and a blood pressure check. The feature also includes ordering medicines online from nearby stores. The act has the provision to call for an ambulance in case of an emergency. The app uses artificial intelligence in the required amount. That is chatbots are implemented for a speedy response.

Ambika who let the team and initiated the process said: " technology will be used for the production of the disease based on the current and immediate symptoms that are matched with COVID-19 symptoms to the system is being accustomed to new technologies that can monitor blood pressure and heart rate and have SOS call for an ambulance". 

The more advanced feature is that spot doc allows the patient to take the health advice of specialists online from either audio or video calls. Along with the symptom’s doctors see and analyze and based on that provide their e-prescription and even if patients don't find those describing medicine near their locality can order online and it will be delivered in minimum time from the nearest option possible. The application is expected to have its grand launch by the end of 2020 in the market. The app is designed very considerately towards every section of society. It is user friendly and provides service in languages such as Hindi Tamil Bengali and English. The app will have a feature of voice assistants that will be useful for visually challenged patients.

This new and innovative approach towards the medical facility for the current situation is expected to be a huge relief for the patients in need of both smaller purposes as well as chronic and emergency situations. The team has left no stone unturned in catering to the need that country currently needs.

                                      (Dr. Anirban Chowdhury, Faculty and Coordinator of Interaction Design Program and R & D Coordinator at UPES)

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