UPES: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

It has been a challenging year for many of us, with vulnerability approaching over what lies ahead. Finally, we are going to bid farewell to 2020. UPES addressed the students and staff about their expectations and yearnings in the year ahead and how they are planning to skip back with restored excitement and endeavours. This is what they had said:

Atul Razdan, Professor, School of Business, UPES

For Dr Atul, the year 2020 has been a time of difficulties and advancements. His active association in Pre-Semester Learning (PSL) for the Resilient Class of 2020 at the School of Business and School of Modern Media gave him experience and knowledge into online learning. He overcame the challenges and took part in a marathon with indoor running and yoga.  He is certain that 2021 will bring various opportunities for everyone, and everybody will be healthy and physically active.

Shambhavi Sinha, Asst Professor, Team Academic Strategy, UPES

Dr Shambhavi Sinha's birthday month is March, and she was all set to go home. But who knew the world would face a pandemic.  At work, she moved to another job, and there was a strain to perform. Homesickness felt heavy. However, the seemingly small things such as a casual Zoom visit with the associates, some cooking tests, conversing with loved ones, returning to reading, and making the most of her work made all the difference for her, each day in turn. With plans to visit her family in the most recent seven-day stretch of the year, she is a happy and thankful individual who says "carpe diem" (hold onto the day). She looks forward to the new year and new beginnings.

Divya Rawat, Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences, UPES 

This pandemic got us all off guard. However, Dr Divya Rawat drove herself to confront it bravely. She explored her love for gardening, made the best out of waste material, worked on home style, and tried various cuisines. Her online classes empowered her to manufacture a more grounded bond with her students. The virtual birthday calls, master classes, observing National Nutrition Month online gave everyone the motivation to pat everybody on the back. When grounds resume, she will like to take a short nature stroll with her students or a day out with them and talk about how they managed the pandemic.

Adviti Pant, Assistant Professor, School for Life, UPES 

2020, a time of trifles and adversities, yet also a year for fresh start. With the pandemic setting in, Adviti Pant and the students went to an excursion with the thought that they could never leave us alone – as a considerable lot of us would call it 'the new normal’. Adviti Pant lost her mother a couple of months back – a caring woman and an academician – and in her new job as a workforce with the School for Life, she considers herself to be a genuine reflection of her mother that gave trust and assisted with finding a more grounded person. Adviti's enthusiasm to be with students gave objectives, regardless of whether it was long calls with guardians and students or keeping the student's assurance high by leading virtual occasions, or by just making a virtual classroom for them to feel nearer to school – the entirety of this made a big difference for her and brought fulfilment. 

Saurabh Shanu, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, UPES

As an enthusiastic field analyst, Covid-19 turned the tables around for everyone  in 2020. In any case, headway in innovation acted as the hero for Saurabh Shanu. He teamed up with people through Zoom calls and Blackboard. He effectively finished a task on 'Optimizing Wildlife Patrols based on earlier spatial data, attribute information and weakness to criminal operations' Wildlife Institute of India (WII)/National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). He is keen to travel and explore the world. 

Joyanta Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, School of Law, UPES 

The mantra of progress is to concentrate the entirety of your energy, not on battling the old but rather on building the new. The pandemic drastically slowed down the whole of social and expert commitment, yet the vehicle of life won't ever stop. According to Jayanta, because of innovation, people never were detached, even though isolated. Online classes, online courses, cooking tests, and above all, quality time with family kept her fully operational. As the world is adjusting to the new typical, she anticipates the possibilities of returning to the working environment and meeting partners and students.

Anshika Arora, Assistant Professor, School of Modern Media, UPES 

Anshika Arora joined UPES in between the pandemic, virtually. It was obscure to her how the whole interaction would unfold. It was overpowering to meet her class, interestingly, on the web. It has been compensated to be upheld by getting companions, partners, and even students, who have adjusted to this new worldview of learning and chose to open up 'outward' instead of shutting 'internal.' She has massively profited by ideally utilizing her profound understandings to just rehearse tranquillity consistently. Making the most of each moment, be it merely the demonstration of cooking, eating, or conversing with individuals, yet completely immersing in it can make one esteem and be thankful for the experience, which in turn keeps our mind wired to think definitely and construct resilience – internal and external to be more ready for difficulties like these – even on a regular everyday basis.

Apurva, Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Research and Development, UPES 

2020, a year to be recalled in the pages of history, denotes a critical period of Apurva's life. She is a gregarious individual and an avid traveller. She loves to explore new places and make new friends. Because of Covid, she stalled out in Dehradun (a delightful spot, yet bereft because of lockdown). This period showed her the uprightness of living alone, moving out of my usual range of familiarity, and embracing personally. Post-Covid, she plans to visit new places, have local gatherings, goes out to restaurants, and investigate more foods. 

Aashi Jain, Student, BBA Foreign Trade, School of Business, UPES 

Aashi Jain joined UPES as it is a centre for student exercises, so the pandemic restriction hit her hard. Yet, she took on the test, made dance recordings for her YouTube divert, partook in online occasions, and won many discussion rivalries. She anticipates a splendid year ahead wherein there are opportunities to go with my companions, experience in a parcel of events, and make the school pleased.

Anupriya Banerjee, Student, BA, LL.B., School of Law, UPES 

Coronavirus kept Anupriya to the four walls of her home for 4-5 months. Likewise, her dad stalled up at his work area, so it was exceptionally testing to fill in for him and backing her mom and other relatives. For Anupriya, internet learning was likewise amazingly trying first and foremost, yet with customary direction and sustaining. It has now become a piece of the new ordinary. After the pandemic finishes, she wishes to visit the school for one final time before completing the degree course.

Prarita Agarwal, Student, BBA Aviation, School of Business, UPES 

An abrupt change accompanied the pandemic in the existence of each student. From a kindergartener to a doctorate, everything went on the web. Online classes don't offer similar advantages to a student. The endeavours put in by the personnel guaranteed that Prarita Agarwal's adapting won't ever stop. Her internship position with an aviation consultancy firm 'Aerotech Support Services' kept her drawn in during the pandemic. Being the last year's students, she longs to return to the grounds soon and appreciate that in Maggi and Nescafe espresso.

Sanchit Singh Thapa, Student, BBA Digital Marketing, School of Business, UPES

Sanchit Singh Thapa got abandoned in India for a very long time during the lockdown, as he could not venture out back to his place in Dubai. He figured out how to live all alone during the pandemic. A major shout out to his online classes, schoolmates, and coaches for all the help to keep his mental soundness flawless. Setting out on his unique wellness venture has been the most significant accomplishment for him this year. Right now, He is in Dubai and has chipped in for the Covid antibody too. He cannot wait to return to college and meet his friends. 

Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar Golatkar, Student BBA Foreign Trade, School of Business, UPES 

This year, being kept in our homes caused me to understand the estimation of things people underestimate – wellbeing (mental just as physical), human associate, and opportunity. Vaishnavi adapted to this troublesome period with contemplation practice. She misses the campus and every one of those insane, fun-splashed minutes with her hostel mates.

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