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If you didn’t already know, UBS is one of its kind business schools which was started by CEOs who’ve worked in over 100 countries in multi-billion dollar MNCs. Established in February 2009 as a part of the Strive India Education Foundation, the school offers world class education in management. In addition to BBA and MBA programmes, they also offer Executive Training & Management Development Programmes, Industrial Consultancy & Research Project, and Leadership Development Programmes.

ASSOCHAM & Ministry of HRD, Government of India awarded UBS with “The Best Upcoming B-School in India” and India Today Magazine termed the Institute as a “Five Star University”. These awards and accolades are just another feather in the cap of the school. UBS is complete with their offer of a Global degree, Global Immersion Industrial visits, MILES program and many other measures that are taken to aid the holistic development of the students.

UBS Mumbai

Why a Global Degree?

Tarun Anand, the Director, humbly says that while all the B-schools provide quality education, the Global degree gives the students an advantage over others in the industry. The global degree has a cutting edge curriculum and international pedagogic approach which focuses on experiential learning and critical thinking. The school adheres to best education standards and strives to make its students corporate ready which is the School’s ultimate objective. The focused and goal-oriented approach of the institution is what makes it different from others. UBS is a global academic platform that draws students from all around the globe. The school has an impressive growth curve; all thanks to its achievements in a short span of time.

What Opportunities follow a Global Degree?

UBS Mumbai provides BBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, which is one of the top 10 UK universities and has been ranked one for “overall student satisfaction”. It is the most diverse university in the UK attracting over 1000 students from 140 countries. a residential course for a period of three years. The graduates get the taste of global standards and international business practices right here in India. However, the opportunity to study in the UK still remains open. The global curriculum followed equips the students to grow into global managers.

At par with a regular MBA degree, a Global MBA degree shoots the opportunities that a student encounters to a greater height. The chances of getting employment in countries like the US, UK, and others increase immensely as the global degree adds immense value to an individual’s resume. It also makes the individual more employable in India as their level of professional outreach is wider and their capabilities are better established. It is noticeable that students previously have rejected offers from management schools like IIMs and ISBs that offer only a regular degree for the advantageous global degree.

What are Global Immersion and Industrial Visits?

Industrial Immersion Visits help students gain first hand industry exposure which is an excellent tool for experiential learning. UBS is in its 3rd successful year of industrial immersion program which is a proud moment for the institution. Students visited the BMW Group Plant, Thailand and gained knowledge about the import and export front of the automobile industry. In the opinion of the students, the specialty of the plant is that it is the only plant in the world to produce BMW, MINI, and Motorcycle under one roof.

The students got the excellent opportunity to research on inventory management, procurement, shop floor management, import-export and marketing strategies at BMW. They learnt how the company works on an overall goal of the Value-added Production System to improve business processes which would be an exciting element for any management student.

What is the kind of exposure given to the students?

Being a part of a global classroom, the Indian students get an overall universal exposure. On the other hand, the international students get to learn more about the cultural heritage, norms and values of the land of hidden academic and spiritual treasures i.e. India. The Institution encourages equality of ethnicities and a healthy exchange of culture among its students. The foreign students are encouraged to actively participate in the cultural activities making them understand India’s diversity while giving them wonderful experiences that they can take home. There are many success stories of students from USA, Germany and France. These students were the first ones to have bagged attractive jobs on their return to their homelands; all thanks to the global exposure and impeccable business language which they gained during their educational visit to the rapidly developing economy.

Universal Business School

The MILES programs:

It is staggering to note that 98% of the B-Schools in Mumbai do not have any playgrounds to allow students to engage in sports. On an average, young managers have a twelve hour workday and can experience health breakdowns if they’re not fit. For this very reason, UBS has partnered with Edusports to integrate sports into the curriculum. Through this, the students are supposed to compulsorily engage in sports 3 times a week. They have a choice between Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Touch Rugby, Badminton and other team games leading to monthly tournaments.

This not only helps in improving the students’ health and fitness levels but also helps in developing team building and leadership skills. It is a great stress-buster. In the program, endurance, speed, flexibility, strength and adaptability of the individual is measured and the report is given to the corporates which gives them an edge to land high-paying jobs.

What’s new at UBS?

In partnership with the University of Economics, Bulgaria, UBS is introducing a Dual Continent Dual MBA Degree in International Business and Economics. According to this program, every class will consist of 50% European students. Each Indian student will go to Europe for a period of 4 months while each European student will come to India for 4 months. It will be a diverse learning experience for every student as there will be students from at least 10 nationalities in each class. Every student gets to learn contemporary issues in India and Europe while embracing each other’s cultures. This program is specially designed by leading faculty from Europe and India to encourage skill development through experiential learning which will make students culturally adaptable and ready for global careers.

What does the future hold?

The team behind Universal Business School aims to carve a niche name in the management education sector with the novel approach and ideologies. They plan to place UBS among other top academic institutions all over the world. They continually come up with innovative strategies and advanced programs. The ultimate aim is to offer specialised courses to students across the world according to their interest, selected arena, flexibility, affordability along with their preference for international locations to allow them a Global Degree with the comprehensive experience.

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