Tree of Life Motif Launched in Krishna University

Tree of Life is a Motif in various mythologies. The motif symbolizes many things, a sacred tree in general. It has found mentions in many mythologies including Hinduism, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Buddism etc. 

Tree of Life wall hanger launched by Vice-Chancellor of Krishna University

Vice Chancellor S. Rama Krishna Rao of Krishna University recently launched a Tree of Life Kalamkari wall hanger. K. Gangadhar and his brother K. Narasaiah are renowned wooden block makers. The artists created 212 blocks using which the motif was brought out on a fabric in Machilipatnam Kalamkari style.

The two block makers took two months to carve out the blocks used to make the motif. The motif is 45 inches high and 75 inches wide. Mr. Gangadhar and his team also gave a small demonstration of the easy ways to understand and execute the printing techniques used in the kalamkari building process. According to him, "The credit in giving a shape to the Tree of Life on the fabric goes to the block printers, whose intelligence can be measured based on the perfectness in the printing process”.

A professor of the university, Prof. Ramakrishna Rao said that artwork like the Tree of Life will draw attention to the university from the art lovers around the world and also promote the art form.

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