Top 5 Hot Sectors for Job seekers in India

All thanks to the large population of India and its contribution in quadrupling GPD, Indian is one of the world’s fasted growing economies now. In this land of opportunities, jobs continue to be created and need of educated workforce to enable upcoming sunrise subsectors is high.

So let us have a look at the top 5 sectors where the young generation can concentrate to be successful in terms of employment and business growth

1. Information Technology

The magic that IT sector had done to Indian Economy in the past decades is enormous and it is still a sunshine sector for us.

We are now leading players in proving world-class technology solutions.

According to IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation) figure IT industry is expected to touch $225 billion by 2020 which will motivate any student to take up a career in IT.

2. Telecom

A majority of the Indian population is moving towards 100% smartphone penetration there is wide scope for students in the smartphone industry as well.

The above-mentioned smartphone penetration had lead to enterprise mobility in India which in turn will lead to significant growth in employment.

3. Health Care

Just by analysing the past trends over a decade there is a clear indication that the healthcare sector is going to have economic growth and contribution to employment.

By 2020 about 40 million new jobs are expected to be generated as per the report of “India’s New Opportunities-2020” by the All India Management Association. India also has potential in becoming a global hub for medical tourism.

The availability of large disposable income has lead to strong domestic market and hence the employment generation is going to scale up.

4. Infrastructure

With the wide range of progress which India is making in all the sectors, the Indian government and various state government is working on newer plans to make the roads, highways, energy, power etc better. This, for students, means more job opportunities.

The growth in India’s infrastructure has been exponential in the past decade.

5. Retail

 The retail sector in India is worth more than $400 billion with domestic and international players planning and expanding the business across the country.

There is high growth scope in rural markets for emerging employment seekers. Retail is one sector that has grabbed the headline of 100% FDI in  single-brand retail

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