To make inspection more transparent, VTU comes up with new and improved measures

The engineering colleges which are affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) will have to not only ensure that they have adequate infrastructure and qualified faculty members but will also have to adhere to more stringent norms during the inspection.Engineering college principals across the State have been given a list of dos and don't's that they have to follow when local inquiry committees visit their colleges for inspection this will help them get a good grade that is required in the inspection. The aim is to keep a check on practices that may encourage biased behavior on part of the inspection team.

Ban on entertainment programs during the inspection

For instance, colleges will not be allowed to offer “entertainment programs”, or host special functions. Besides this, the circular issued to the college principals states that no gifts in cash or kind can be given to the committee and none of the representatives associated with the college can meet the committee members outside the college premises. Principals have also been instructed to not make any arrangements for team members’ travel, lodging or local transportation, this is done to ensure that no malpractices take place. The VTU will bear all the costs.

The university has also issued a circular stating that the committee’s visit needs to be video recorded. Karisiddappa, Vice-Chancellor of the VTU said the aim of putting in place these measures was to improve transparency in administration. “We do not want the committee members to be influenced in any way by the college management,” he said.

Inspection to end in the first week of may

Sources in the university said that in the past there were allegations of corruption and favoritism by members of such committee towards some colleges. The source said that 40 committees, each consisting of six to 12 members, had begun the inspection of 217 engineering colleges. The process will end in the first week of May.

“The local inquiry committees will assess the facilities and later may or may not recommend extension of temporary affiliation, which is done every year,” Mr. Karisiddappa said.“After these visits, reports will be scrutinized, and if any college appeals for a revisit, it would be done.”If the colleges do not comply with the basic norms mandated by the All India Council for Technical Education, they will be risking disaffiliation, said Mr. Karisiddappa, and added that that university would also urge the AICTE to de-recognise such colleges.

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