Time to Ace JEE with 5 Simple Steps

As we all know JEE is fast approaching and this has created a sense of dread in the student community. This tiny acronym has been giving students nightmares since its inception. The students who are appearing in the entrance exam this year should have started preparing a long time back.

Now the question that arises in the minds of JEE aspirants is “When is the right time to start?” A glass-half-full kind of person might say, “The right time is now!”. But the most practical answer is to start prepping right after 10th Board Exams. Two years of pious study should do the trick.

All the JEE toppers have a few study hacks up their sleeve. Let us go over some of these.

1. Avoid Social Media:
All the toppers have one thing in common to say about preparation for JEE, stay away from social media. Social media platforms are designed in such a way that the users spend increasing amounts of time on them. The more time JEE aspirants spend on social media the less time they get to study.

Although it is advisable to join social media groups for JEE aspirants and to follow related helpful blogs, do not get carried away with it.

2. Manage Time:
The next important thing to know is that it's not the hours you spend with your books that counts it’s the amount you study. Studying must be qualitative and not quantitative. Spending 6-8 hours with textbooks and not having read past the first page is of no use. A qualitative study has to be planned out where the students learn the concepts faster and better.

3. Self-preparation is key:
Another thing that all the JEE toppers swear by is self-prep time. It’s never a good idea to spend all the hours in a day in college or coaching classes. The students need more time to study themselves compared to the time they spend learning the concepts outside. Students must make a timetable for themselves and stick to it.

4. Mock tests:
The students must take time-bound mock tests. The more they are prepared in this regard, the better. The Joint Entrance Examination is a race against time. To win this race, the student must ace in the practice runs.

It would be helpful to the students if they built up sportsmanship towards the preparation for exams and never skipped practice. Well, practice is what makes them perfect.

5. Fitness:
The word “fitness” in the list of preparation tips for JEE may seem odd. But it is more relevant than you know. The preparation involves long hours of study which can be mentally exhausting. This is the sole reason to focus on fitness while the student is preparing for JEE.

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind. The students must eat healthy, get a minimum 8 hours of sleep and add an exercise routine to their schedule. They need not benchpress up to a 100. But they can do simple things like taking a leisurely walk in the park, dance to their favorite tune or do a little bit of yoga.

With these few tips incorporated into their daily routine, students can crack that much coveted JEE, oh so easily.

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