The Lexicon Golf Tournament: A Platform For Learning

The Lexicon Group of Institutes has set a new milestone in its rich sports history on the 22nd of February 2020. The Poona Club Golf Course witnessed the first-ever Golf Tournament organized by the institute with the tee-off taking place at 7 am in the morning. The tournament was one of its kind gathering of various professional sportsmen and women. It gave the students an unprecedented opportunity to interact with corporate heads and other business personnel from Pune city. Ranked at an excellent #23 by the Times in its B-School rankings, the Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence is home for over 500 students who are pursuing post-graduation in Management Studies.

As discussed, the Lexicon Golf Tournament set the grandest stage of all for the management students of the institute to spent a day with the best and most renowned names of the business world in the city of Pune. Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Vice Chairman of The Lexicon Group and Executive Director of Lexicon MILE was quoted as saying, “Of all the various ways to kickstart your future corporate career, there is no better way than to interact with the leaders of the corporate world! This grand Lexicon Gold Tournament is hosting the highest-level people and the who’s who of the industry which includes CEOs, CFOs, Management, and Trustees. Now, this is a once in a lifetime chance for all the management students to interact and discuss with them and get the inspiration to move forward.” Dr. Neeraj Sharma is also an avid golfer himself and is often seen at the course or the driving range in the early hours of the morning along with Mr. Pankaj Sharma, the other of the Lexicon’s ‘Dynamic-Duo’ of Presidents.

The tournament provided a platform for the Lexicon MILE students to learn and experience the efforts required to succeed in the field. They were able to witness first-hand how business leaders carry themselves in a social setting, and how they have mastered a craft outside of their professional career and how that same craft is helping their cause. With over 100 players competing in the golf course, students saw the impeccable skills and technique required for the sport as well as the need for a focused mind and body. The illustrious sportspersons also took their time to share their career journeys, thereby making this fun-filled afternoon a meaningful lesson in the life of the students.

Mr. Pankaj Sharma, President of The Lexicon Group was quoted as saying “This initiative was by no means just to serve the purpose of entertainment by organizing a golf tournament. But this was a two-fold initiative for guiding our students. Firstly, it gave us an opportunity for our management students to interact with these great business minds. They got that much-needed exposure and sneak peek into the lives of the best personalities. Secondly, we have also decided that all the funds raised by the tournament will go in for subsidizing education at The Lexicon Rainbow School, primarily for students with special needs.” 

The Lexicon Group is deservedly ranked #1 for its CSR initiatives by the Times School Survey for the valuable time, effort, and money it contributes towards the progress of the community. What is praiseworthy is that, with this being a one of its kind event of such a stature organized for students in India, all the proceeds from this event will be used to provide subsidies to the students of the charitable organization which goes by the name of The Lexicon Rainbow School. The school provides for children with learning difficulties, developmental delays, and special needs with all heart. A pioneer in the harmonized education format that blends academics with therapy, The Lexicon Rainbow School stretches a helping hand for the needy. Hence, the funds raised from the grand Lexicon Golf Tournament will be invaluable for all the students and dependents of this organization. 

This tournament was an example of the innovative pedagogy of Lexicon MILE wherein the students are given first-hand experiences and opportunities to counter challenges from the real world. It paved the way for learning beyond the classrooms giving students a chance to meet inspiring people. It is sure to help them to be ambitious and become successful businessmen and women in the global industry. Students are able to acquire critical skills only when they apply their knowledge and understandings from the lectures in a non-textbook based environment. Hence Lexicon MILE emphasizes experiential learning on top of the traditional methods of teaching. Lexicon MILE students are also made more adept in the professional settings reflected by the several elements of the curricula, such as internships, care-studies, excursions, seminars, and professional interactions. This golf tournament was more than just a sports event. It was a global platform aimed to keep the students at the centre of the stage. It was for pushing the boundaries of learning from the four walls of the classroom to the boundaryless reality of the real world.

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