The First Chapter of TEDxFIIB Unveils at FIIB, Scattering Positive Impulses

A crowd of keen students, ardent alumni and the whole of FIIB family came together on Saturday (25th August 2018) to celebrate the sharing of ideas at the first chapter of TEDxFIIB at FIIB, with the theme The Empowered ‘Self’.

susan vernon fiib

The event featured 9 illustrious speakers who come from various professional backgrounds like Music, Taekwondo, Bollywood, Social Anthropology, Public Administration, and the Entrepreneurial community who brought talks that showcased various shades of empowerment. Moreover, it showed that people don't get success in one go, one’s spirit to continue counts, every setback bears with it the seeds of a comeback.

mohit dubey fiib

Speakers included author Chetan Mahajan, actor Sonal Sehgal, founder of Parikrama Subir Malik, IAS officer Vipul Ujjwal, classical dancer and choreographer Jyotsna Shourie, CEO of a Healthcare app Prashant Tandon, teacher Susan Vernon, anthropologist Preeti Mann and technology entrepreneur Mohit Dubey. Performances by the hidden talents of FIIB, Jhankar (Harshit Kaur), The Vibe (Ashutosh Swarnakar, Tanmay Saha, Raja Ganapathy Sethuraman, Arunesh Agashe, and Manish Chattani) and The Old School Boys (Mrinal Rawat and Archit Sharma).

fiib team

The show was hosted by our own FIIB students (Divya A Krishnan, Arya Shree, and Diksha Mishra). It was a day filled with inspiration, introspection, humor, and passion.

fiib faculty

People got to learn how to focus on steering the storm and not to be deterred by the crash of thunders to bring out the most influential self in them. The session truly awakened the empowered ‘self’ of everyone present and beyond.

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