In today’s higher education scenario, the students who wish to take up management as their division of study are often confused what course to pursue for post-graduation. The choices that they have are traditional MBA degree, PGDM or PGP Diploma Course, and PGCM Course. The students often fail to select the correct and well-fit course for themselves due to the lack of knowledge.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate degree course which is offered by various universities across India and can only be offered by a B-School that has university status and recognition. This is because as per the Indian Law, only a university can offer degrees such as MBA, BBA, BBM, B.Tech, B.E. among several others.

Since, the institutions that are not affiliated cannot offer degrees, thus they work as autonomous bodies to provide the diplomas in the name of Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) or Post Graduate Programme (PGP) Diploma. There are numerous institutions in India that offer these programmes and run independently. However, these institutions need to be AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) approved.


The PGDM courses are preferred to be more helpful as compared to MBA, because the curriculum of PGDM is more flexible and the respective institutes have the full authority to change and update the syllabus from time-to-time based on the changing trends and requirements in the education space. This is where MBA lacks behind, as it is under Universities and the curriculum are updated once in 3-4 years or maybe more.

Important to remember that the curriculum of MBA is more of exam-oriented and covers the technical & theoretical aspects, while the PGDM/PGP is more of industry-oriented and covers all the practical aspects such as skill development, ability to adapt as well as to stay updated with the latest advancements.

The students who would like to get comprehensive view of subjects and the programme, along with technical knowledge should go for MBA, whereas those who want to specialize in the respective field of interest and develop an in-depth subject knowledge, must select PGDM/PGP Programme. PGDM tends to prepare individuals for the market and makes them industry-ready for the senior and complex roles in Management.


So how do we find out how PGDM and MBA impacts our careers? To know this one needs to understand their relevance into two contexts – Indian and Global context. When we consider the Indian context, there is no difference in how the industry treats both the graduates. The career prospect is same for both category of graduates as the growth is mostly determined by the performance and not just the category of degree.

The packages that are offered by the organizations to the students are also not dependent on the courses pursued, but varies according to the reputation, brand image and goodwill of an institution and of course the candidate’s abilities. From the global perspective it can be further sub-divided into Job aspect and Higher-Education aspect.

From the job perspective there is no significant difference if any person is graduating from a reputed & recognized Indian B-School. But from the view of Higher Education abroad, having MBA degree helps a bit more as that of having a diploma, as the one with the former education gets marked as Masters-Degree, while the PGDM/PGP candidates gets marked as Masters-Diploma.


After battling through the ambiguity of which course to choose and actually pursuing those, the main aim of majority students is to get good jobs at reputed organizations along with hefty salary offerings. As mentioned earlier, companies often look out for the students who come from reputed and well-recognized institutes and are given preferences.

This is because it is perceived that a good college prepares a quality candidate appropriate for the industry exposure, as the reputation and goodwill of any institution depends on the success of its alumni base. Companies like Amazon, Reliance, Oracle, Volvo, Columbia Asia, IIFL, HDFC Bank and many others, which happen to be the dream companies for many students out there, often follow the tactics of picking quality students from reputed colleges.


While choosing the desired course, students should make sure that they choose an institute with a good brand name for better opportunities in future. International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is one such institute where brand name speaks.

Also, this institution offers all the programmes that have been talked about in the article, at their campuses in Bangalore, Noida and Kolkata. Students are guided thoroughly to select the courses which are absolute fit to the students’ requirements before taking admission. The strong alumni connect also helps in the exposure of the existing students in the industry.

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