Teachers Threaten to Stop Correcting Answer Sheets If Dues are not Paid by MU

Teachers who are supposed to correct the answer sheets of the current semester's exam in the University of Mumbai have threatened to stop correcting the papers if their dues for correcting the 2016 papers are not paid. The correction has already been stalled and this has lead to further delay in the assessment of the papers. This does not bode well with the students as a dealay in the correction means that the results also will be declared late.

Complaints have been Received from Many Teachers about the Delay in Payment 

Teachers from various colleges have concerns about the failure on MU's part to pay their dues. Some teachers travel long distances to reach the university's Kalinga campus. Some of them come from as far as Navi Mumbai to correct the papers. It is only fair that the university clears their dues on time.

A teacher from Parel College said that even though their payment is not much, it isn't fair of the university to expect them to continue correcting the papers without having paid their dues, as they do it not only during the holidays but also after the colleges reopen.

“My teachers have told me they will not go for paper assessment this year unless they are paid. I’ve requested them to not stop their work because I don’t want students to suffer due to any delay, but teachers’ annoyance is valid,” said Marie Fernandes, principal of St Andrew’s College in Bandra. Some teachers from the college have refused to go for the correction of papers without being paid.

A university representative from the examination house has that the university always pays the dues in time, if there has been a delay this time, they will look into it. He said that no complaints have been received so far but they will look into it immediately.

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