Suicide of BBA students involves two more

Shail Shah, a second-year BBA student hanged himself at his house on 21st April. He had accused three of his friends and his own brother that lead him to take this bold decision. The university was shaken by the sudden suicide. The suicide was in no way due to the academic pressure but instead because the deceased had a pending debt for which he was being troubled by his debtors.

Police gets hold of suspects

Shail claimed to be harassed by all four of them as he had borrowed money from them. He had borrowed money from Mihir Ramlavat, Shreyank Patel, Ambar Bhuva and his own brother Mohit. The Bhuva brothers were arrested by the police. Police revealed that Shah had borrowed Rs 45,000 from them for his personal use which has not been found out by the police yet. The police sources said they are considering the possibility of Shail borrowing money for betting on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.  Two of the other accused people have fled. Supposedly, the deceased had borrowed Rs 15,000 from them.

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