Students perform Nukkad Natak and Flash Mob in GT Towers

Road Saftey

Large number of people in die because of being involved in road accidents because of not following traffic rules, because of drinking and driving, because of using their mobile phones while driving, etc. Last Friday, on the 14th of April, the students belonging to the School of Engineering and Technology collaborated with the School of Social Sciences took the initiavte of performing an authentic Nukkad Natak at GT Towers in Jaipur. The purpose of the Nukkad Natak was to spread awareness about road safety so that people act cautiosly on road irrespective of whether they are driving or not.

The Act

After hours and days of practice, the final performance of the students was witnessed by more than 200 people present in the mall. The act successfully caught the attention of the entire crowd within a span of thirty seconds and was applauded for by all the people present there. The act of over 5 minutes educated the crowd about the acts and consequences that lead to road accidents through their dialogues and narration. The act's purpose was to spread awareness not just amongst the drivers but people of all ages. They did so by acting out how the youth disobeys the traffic rules that are to be followed by one and all and how the consequences affect them directly and the innocent people indirectly.

Credits for the Act

Amongst the faculty, Dr. Chander Kanwar and Ms. Sadhavi Negi were responsible for the direction of both the nukkad natak and the flash mob. Mr. Mudit, Mr. Peeyush Kamlesh and Mr. Saurabh Shukla were not only responsible for providing the participating students with all the necessary resources but also live streamed a recording of the nukkad natak and the flash mob to make it available for a wider audience.



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