Students of Maharashtra Institute of Technology compete in the Game Of Drones

Ishan Kapoor a student of Maharashtra institute of technology is hooked to flying his First-Person-View (FPV) drone in high-speed races. His obsession began last year in August when the 25-year-old architect custom-built his first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The mini quadcopter, which cost over a lakh to assemble, has helped him fulfill his aspiration of becoming a pilot. The drone can fly as fast as a sports car — 160 kmph on an average — and is rigged to a video transmitter that captures a view of the world below. The real-time video feed is transmitted via an onboard camera hooked to a pair of goggles worn by the pilot.

"Indian Drone Racing League"

Ritvik Nesragi, and 14-year-old Shivraj Shinde, belong to the select crew of drone pilots in the city. They are the members of the Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL) from Pune, a group dedicated exclusively to racing drones. IDRL has more than 500 drone pilots from across the country.Kapoor and Nesragi were introduced to the activity on RC India, an open forum for aeromodelling enthusiasts. “The sport is more addictive than most addictions,” confessed Kapoor, who is in the process of assembling his second drone.

“Bengaluru has the most vibrant drone racing scene in India"

Shinde met Kapoor and Nesragi on the IDRL forum a few months ago. The two young pilots are now his mentors. “Bengaluru has the most vibrant drone racing scene in India," said Nesragi, who took to the sport last year and is ranked 13th, while Kapoor is still learning the ropes. Shinde is yet to participate in a major race, but he hopes to make it big in the circuit. “It takes a year to master the controls,” said Kapoor.

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