Students conduct Traffic Awareness Campgain

Initiative of the Economics Department 

The students and faculty of the Department of Economics of Jain University took the initiative of organising a traffic awareness campaign at Chakulya Circle on the 5th of April, 2017. The volunteering students campaigned using posters with slogans to spread awareness. Some volunteers stood with the posters in front of the vehicles that had halted before the red signal while some volunteers approached the public for interpersonal interaction.

Campaigning by the students

The volunteers communicated to the audience the importance of simple safety and traffic rules that people generally neglect like wearing helmets, putting on seat belts, switching off the vehicle at long traffic signals. The students took all necessary precautions to ensure that they were not causing chaos or traffic jams.

Impact on the audience

All the passer-bys took interest in the campaign and even people far away were drawn in by the crowd to witness the campaign. Th campaign also received wide local media coverage. They also spoke about how traffic in Bangalore has been rising because of an urban shift. The problem of traffic can only be solved by more use of public transportation and following of simple traffic rules.

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