Space research: Nirma University inks MoU with ISRO

Inking a future

The Nirma University has recently inked a detailed Memorandum of Understanding with the Space Applications Centre (SAC), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Ahmedabad for collaborative research leading to technology development and innovation in this space. In line with this issue, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will be setting up one of its very expensive communication receivers in the Nirma University campus, where very crucial data would be collected and be a part of the further analytical research, said The Nirma Director General Anup Singh on the sidelines of the institute’s 21st annual convocation on Monday.

Technology for India by India

The Nirma Director General Anup Singh said, “We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)  last month and theIndian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)) are going to install their communication receivers here on the campus of the Nirma university. While India was earlier solely dependent on the Global Positioning System, India is going to have its own communication system now, which is a feat to be proud of. Earlier we were using an American based positioning system and now we are going to have our own system which is more reliable and made by us Indians. That is being established by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and we would have a receiver to check its efficacy as to how effectively it is working and doing its job efficiently. An immense amount of data will be travelling on it, so we hope that we do a lot of research by collecting data in the different areas of communication like navigation, for finding location et cetera.The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has installed multiple numbers of receivers across the country and they are going to install one in The Nirma University.”

Students team up

“Through the institute of commerce, The Nirma University, will be offering Bachelors of Commerce Honours starting July two thousand and seventeen with a batch size of sixty students initially, while a Bachelors is in the design programme which will be flagged off next year with a batch size of sixty. In design, we will be offering the programme in two disciplines namely the graphic design and the product design. The Nirma university has also been involved in talks with The Drexel University, Philadelphia, the United States of America and will see how we can work with them further especially in the design programme to achieve more.”The convocation had John Anderson Fry, President of The Drexel University, Philadelphia, the United States of America as the chief guest while the event was presided over by Karsanbhai K Patel, The President of Nirma University. John Anderson Fry, President of The Drexel University, Philadelphia, the United States of America in a press meet said that both the varsities will be exploring long-term partnerships in business, design school and in experiential education which was a greatly celebrated news by the students and the faculty of the Nirma University.While 500 students were conferred degrees at this convocation, including 13 doctoral students, around 18 medals were given to meritorious students.

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