SP Jain School of Global Management Launches a Suite of Short Online Session by World-Class Faculty

SP Jain Global launches a suite of short online courses taught by excellent faculties. The renowned B-School has launched 13 new online short courses for undergraduates, postgraduates, and working professionals. These 30/ 60-hour courses will be implemented in July 2020 and will enhance the growing trend of upskilling in a fast-evolving world. 

Adapting a lab-style approach, within every 15 minutes, students are given a practical problem to solve in a group study methodology comprising 3-5 students. With this, students get the chance to apply theory to practice in a fun, engaging manner, and get immediate actionable feedback. A spokesperson then presents the findings to the rest of the class.

SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain)is a renowned institute famous for its top-ranked MBA Program. SP Jain President Nitish Jain said that they will soon launch a brand-new learning model called Premium Learning Online (PLO) which the School has carefully designed to be on par with face-to-face classes on campus. “Online is the future of education. But they have a fundamental flaw in that they are unable to engage and excite students. Unsurprisingly, most students drop out within a few sessions. Our new Premium Learning Online courses are taught live (using our proprietary ELO technology) by top Indian and international faculty that we have hand-picked for their proven success and expertise. Students learn by doing; not listening. We call this a ‘Lab-style approach of learning’, and this is truly a game-changer as far as online education is concerned,” shares Nitish.

Dr. Silvia Vianello, who is a social media influencer with an over million followers and one of the Lead Faculty teaching these courses from Italy shares, “The curriculum is action-packed with projects, case studies, group discussions and more; the objective is to make sure that student develops in-demand and relevant skills to enhance their employability.” She was also featured in Forbes' list of Top 100 Italian women. To get a seat to her session of " How to become a social media influencer" are open which is of 30 hr class and will be commenced on July 12.

SP Jain is continuing the webinar sessions in the time of COVID-19 from June 25th. To get more information regarding the webinars, click on the link https://online-courses.spjain.org/.

Australian business school, SP Jain School of Global Management has spread its campuses in Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney. The School offers a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral programs with a motive of crafting leaders for the 21st-century corporate world. Their full-time MBA and Global MBA programs have significant recognition as evinced through global rankings.

  • Forbes: Top 15 Best International 1-year MBAs (2019-21)
  • Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal: Top 5 Best International 1-year MBAs (2018)
  • Forbes: Top 20 Best International 1-year MBAs (2017-19)
  • The Economist: Top 100 Full-Time MBAs worldwide (2015)
  • Forbes: Top 10 Best International 1-year MBAs (2015-17)
  • Forbes: Top 20 Best International Business Schools (2013-15)
  • Financial Times: Top 100 Global MBA programs (2011 and 2012)

Along with that, SP Jain’s world-class business courses are accredited by the Department of Education/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia, and licensed by the Council of Private Education, Singapore, and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai.

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