SP Jain School of Global Management Introduces the World’s Most Flexible BBA Program

SP Jain School of Global Management has launched a new and updated model of global learning for the BBA program on 20th July 2020. The B-School is popular for its innovative mode of providing education to its students. Providing global exposure drew students towards the institution. The institution has its campus in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney and now provided flexibility to students who can travel and study. This means the students for their bachelor of business administration BBA program can choose to study in any one among the Mumbai, Dubai, or  Singapore campuses for all the years and continue the final year in Sydney. The students who are worried about the COVID-19 situation can choose to continue on the four years in the Mumbai and Dubai campus and still can obtain an Australian degree. By this, the institution is trying to open the gate to students for foreign certificates. 

It has clarified that all the students opt to pursue a BBA degree attending from any of the campuses among the three. Irrespective of The breakdown of the year in different countries receive a degree from Australia at the end. This is expected to ease out the procedure to the students and provide a new opportunity for global exposure. Since students can split the year in different countries. The new update has been a part of their combat the problem of the global pandemic COVID-19 situations currently. There are more updates provided along with this flexibility of education. 

Recently it also provided an option of pursuing online education and yet receiving a degree from Australia. The students who cannot or don't want to attend the course on University's campus can opt for this new mode of online education. The benefits remain the same. The added flexibility is expected to provide a better option in the current situation. The current situation has been uncertain and yet not predictable of the duration and this option main helps the students to battle the problem. The initial procedure of the institution was to pursue the degree in tri-cities but since the situation has turned bitter the option of pursuing entirely from one campus is made available. It is also made clear that students who are comfortable traveling can still opt for the traditional procedure offered by the college. The new update is only an option and has not made it compulsory. The president of the institution expressed that many of their students have found much of their success in Australia. They have earned better positions with good salary packages in Australia by studying on any of their campuses. It was seen that in the previous year more than 50% of students pursuing their bachelor of business administration BBA from the institution opted for a job in Australia. The package offered was around AUD 55000. Others have opted to pursue their career in Dubai, India, Singapore, and many countries in the world.

The institution has recently made it to Forbes list of top 15 institutions providing one year MBA. in the past, the institution has seen many such rankings and recognitions globally. Forbes announced this list for the 2019 and 2021 category. Its flexibility of both online education, as well as the option of completing the entire course from Mumbai or Dubai and to obtain a degree from Australia, may give the institution an advantage for its BBA program. The university is determined to battle this uncertainty with being more flexible towards students' demands. 

S P Jain is registered as a Higher Education Provider in Australia. After graduation, students can receive a degree conferred by S P Jain School of Global Management, Australia. S P Jain’s world-class business courses are accredited by the Department of Education/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia, and licensed by the Council of Private Education, Singapore, and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai. You can check with the official link: http://www.spjain.org/index.aspx 

Admissions for the BBA are currently open with classes expected to commence in September 2020. For more information, contact on

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