SP Jain School of Global Management Introduces the World's First Borderless MBA Program

Recently, SP Jain School of Global Management introduced the world’s first-ever borderless MBA program. It also announced several other flexible learning options along with it on the 13th of August, 2020. The world is now going through a pandemic and amidst this uncertainty and challenges faced by the students due to COVID-19, therefore, now students have the option to start the program online for the first term and then continue with the terms 2 and 3 on campus in Sydney and Singapore or Mumbai.

The students can also study in Dubai for term 1 and then go on to study term 2 in Sydney and term 3 in Mumbai. These options are ideal for students who are looking to build a career abroad and in India. Besides these, the School’s original tri-city model which is so popular amongst the students will also continue to be offered for those who wish to study in Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore, and explore international employment opportunities. They also announced flexible learning options for its 16-month Master of Global Business program which includes the option of completing the entire program in Mumbai. This program is for students who prefer to not travel overseas and are offered a reduced cost by as much as 35%.

Famous for providing international exposure, the SP Jain School of Global Management is an Australian business school that has lucrative campuses in Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney. The MBA courses provided by the SP Jain School are borderless in every true manner. Joint classes are conducted with students from top European universities, guest lectures are organized where world-renowned speakers are invited. ‘Virtual’ out of classroom activities and social clubs are present along with which the school also provides opportunities to collaborate, network, and have fun with like-minded peers from around the world. President Nitish Jain says, “Learning shouldn’t be restricted within the four walls of a classroom and that, in a sense, is the idea behind the new Borderless Global MBA.”

This international stature of the school attracts huge students towards its special management courses. Their full-time MBA programs have a huge significance in the global arena because of which it has been mentioned among the “Top 15 best International 1- year MBAs” in the year 2019-2021. Along with that the school had also been placed among the “Top 5 Best International 1-year MBAs” by the Times Higher Education-Wall street journal for the year 2018 and among the “Top 100 Full-time MBAs worldwide” by the Economist in the year 2015. The school kept on making on the “Top 20” and the “Top 10” Forbes list for the years of 2018-2019 and 2015-2017 respectively. It was also assigned among the “Top 100 Global MBA programs” by the Financial Times for the years 2011 and 2012.

The SP Jain School of Global Management offers a plethora of options for the undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and doctoral programs and is registered as one of the greatest higher education providers in Australia. Once students finish their graduation, the students receive degrees that help them in creating a stronger foothold in the employment front, internationally. These degrees are given by the school which is certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai. These international quality courses are accredited by the Department of Education/Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency(TEQSA), Australia. The school is registered as a Private Education Institution(PEI) by the Committee for Private Education(CPE) in Singapore. 

More information on the flexible learning options for both programs is available on the School’s website at www.spjain.org.

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