Solar Panels to Power SPPU

Under their Quality Improvement Program, SPPU decided to install solar panels in their list of approved expenses. The university decided to give Rs. 5 lakhs to the colleges under this program. Grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system, off-grid system, and hybrid system are the three types of systems available.

Solar Panels Become a Trend in Pune

Across businesses and other organizations, installing solar panels has become a trend of late in Pune. Educational institutes in the city are not far behind and the university said that at least 300 of their affiliations have expressed the desire to install panels.

Deputy registrar and head of QIP, Dr. Shrirang Bate said that Rs. 11 crore has been sanctioned to enable installation of the panels in these colleges. Over the period of the next two years, the other colleges will also be included in the program. Once the proposals for the installations are received the energy department of the university prepares a feasibility program for which system is to be installed.

Many colleges in the state have applied for the installation as it is extremely feasible in the long run and with the help from the government, installation charges have also been reduces, encouraging more colleges to adopt the renewable source of power.

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