SJC, A Progressive Powerhouse

St.Joseph's College, Bangalore is the second oldest college in the city with a legacy of 135 years. The college believes in producing progressive,open-minded students who strive not just to bring about a wave of free-thinkers but also to give an opportunity for all kinds of students to make a mark in the society. The English Department of the society has been the biggest contributors to this change and has worked tirelessly to motivate each individual to attain his/her fullest potential. However, a lot had been spoken about the college lately, when an English professor was sacked. The professor came out in public and published his story, however, the college maintained its dignity by not commenting on the issue. But what was the issue actually?

The Controversy

An English Professor who had recently joined the college, was sacked after five months of his work tenure. He accused the college of firing him because of his sexuality. There were media reports that suggested the same. It was a bit shocking to students and alumni because the college has been a massive supporter of LGBT rights. Akkai Padmashali, a renowned transgender activist is a guest lecturer at the college.  
The Englsih,Communication and social science department have all had notable LGBT activists who have come as part of panel discussions, judging various  events and part of the Ignitors Programme(Annual Student's Training Ptrogramme)

College's Stance

The College had garnered support from the alumni and students themselves. Most students said that the Professor concerned would often pass comments against the college management and other sensitive issues. His way of teaching was off topic and he woulld never complete portions. 
The college claimed that the professor's dismissal had nothing to do with his sexuality and it was because of his teaching methods that he was suspended from college.


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