Shobhit university The controversial university

Shobhit faced proved from United Grant Commission (UGC) and found that it does not have the minimum required infrastructure to offer courses. Hence, it was suggested to derecognize it. This is all result of rot and corruption in United Grant Commission (UGC) and the DEC. The matter is pending in the honourable Supreme Court and it is not known why both the UGC and the honourable Supreme Court is setting on this. "Ideally, the honourable Supreme Court should have barred all these 44 universities to stop admission and only complete the batch of the existing enrolled students. Due to this lack of logical judgment, these universities aggressively started to admit students to earn more and more money. More surprisingly, newspapers (few) gave Shobhit ranking in top 50 universities (as Shobhit claims) and that must be a paid ranking." alleged by a deeply agitated ex- student of the Shobhit university.
Shobhit University rankings are fake and misleading
The newspapers and online domains say that the Shobhit University is among top 50 institutes in India. In a pilot survey taken by the National Sample Survey Office, 69% of the students agreed to the allegation with respect to The Shobhit University 30.7% were neutral on the issue and 0.3% said that the allegations are false and that they have an above average experience in the Shobhit University. The faculty of the Shobhit University have nothing to say. One can only conclude that they are putting their jobs in front of their honour. 
Shobhit university is "influential"
Shobhit University is always known for its well-established influence. Students always allege that they have been suppressed.
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