Seminar on Note Ban at Dibrugarh University

A two-day national seminar on 'Demonetization and the Indian economy', organized by the Centre for Management Studies, Dibrugarh University. Since demonetization is a hot topic right now it was selected as the topic for the seminar. The seminar was inaugurated by Alak Kumar Buragohain, the Vice-Chancellor of Dibrugarh University. He spoke about the effects of demonetization and the initiatives taken by Dibrugarh promoting digitization and cashless transactions. The keynote address was delivered by the former Vice Chancellor of Rajeev Gandhi University, and eminent economist Atul Sarma gave a meticulous analysis of demonetization. The presence of such eminent personalities and the speeches delivered by them widened the student's perception on the topic. The event was a grand success. 

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