Secret behind Pre-Placement Offers at IIBS, Bangalore

Pre-placement Offer is what the majority of the students are looking for due to the job crunch and the recession awaiting to be experienced on a larger scale. Experiential learning has been a matter of high focus due to the undeniable fact that experiencing is learning. The knowledge retention rates of a normal human were recorded to be around 80 to 90% in comparison to the meagre 5% with respect to theoretical learning. 

There is a huge difference between the industry and institutional practices and the students at IIBS are given practical exposure that would promote the students to daringly spread their wings into the open market of professionals as professionals.

Skill training is provided to the students to get merged with the corporate world which includes provisions for an internship.

Before the end of the course duration, some of the students are offered Pre-placement offers due to the satisfactory performance portrayed by the candidates which include work, skills, passion. Full-time opportunity is given to candidates even without an interview. Companies these days provide internships rather than full-time opportunities to test the candidate’s skills and abilities before finalizing their candidature.

The students at IIBS are given proper training on the management aspects and the modules that would help them sustain in the global corporate environment. Soft skills, as well as professional training, is imparted based on the academic curriculum of management  

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