Sathyabama University to Pay Bonus

Deemed Universities

The President of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal has asked Sathyabama University on April 12th to pay bonus to their bus drivers as well as technicians as per the Motor Transport Employees Act. 
 Accordding to the petitioners, the drivers and techincians have been working with the University for several years, however, these employees have never received a bonus.

The committee argued that the University was making a huge profit and they were hence oblidged to pay a bonus to these employees.


Minority Institution

The University retaliated by saying that it was a minority non-profit organization and that lawes such as the Motor Transport Employees Act was not applicable to it.The management of the University also said that such laws were for factories and other establishments where more than 20 people worked and that Universities and other educational institutions were exempted from it. 

 The Industrial Disputes Tribunal very clearly mentioned that Universities were indeed profit making bodies and such exemptions cannot be made for it.

No Formal Record

No formal record of these employees were maintained and many people were hired on the basis of use and throw. In fact, they received no other perque from the institution.The Employee's Union decided to protest against it and with the help of the Government bodies and the Chennai High Court, the University was forced to acknowledge these people as formal employees and give them the fitting benefits.

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