Sankalp 2017

Dr Jagdish in Sankalp

Sankalp is a faculty development programme organised by Jain University for it's faculty. The theme of the programme this year was 'decoding the teens'. Dr. Jagdish, psychiatrist and director of Abhaya Hospital marked the commencement of the event by speaking on biological and environmental of teenagers that could help the faculty is analysing and understanding teenagers. He spoke about the important position that teachers hold as mentors in every teenager's life in shaping their personality and mind for future.

Teachers and Teenagers

Teenage is the trickiest part of every person's life and it is often difficult to deal with the mood swings and unreasonable behaviour for the teenagers themselves and for the teachers and parents. Teachers play a key role in motivating teenagers and he spoke on how to identify and deal with mental and learning disabilities that the teachers may come across in their course of dealing with teenagers. He also instructed on how important it is to look out for students indulging in self-harm.

Teachers and Parents

He also emphasised on the importance of interpersonal communication between the teachers and the parents to come up with effective solutions relevant to the student's behaviour and problems as every teenager although is dealing with similar problems, is different. He spoke about how prayers and yoga can be used to get rid of harmful addictions. Dr Chenraj Roychand spoke about how teachers' behaviour and efforts towards the students matter beyond their academic sphere in life. A technical session was conducted by  Dr. Ali Khwaja, Founder of Banjara Academy who spoke on the importance of teachers' involvement in the lives of introvert students.

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