Removal of VC at Integral University

Located in Lucknow, Integral University is a state private university. The University is situated in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India. Integrated University was originated as the Institute of Integral Technology, Lucknow. The Institute of Integral Technology, Lucknow was established in the year 1998.

High Court orders to remove the VC!

The high court has ordered the removal of vice-chancellor at Integral University. The Vice-chancellor is SW Akhtar. This order was made after holding his appointment and extension on the post against the rules and regulations of the University. The order was made by Junaid Ahmad. A bench of Justice SN Shukla and Justice SK Singh was organized. They first passed the order on a petition. The petition was moved by Junaid Ahmad. The petitioner made clear statements regarding the Case. He stated that the extension of Akthar as the Vice- Chancellor of the University was clearly against the rules and regulations. These rules are laid down in the Integral University Act and all the actions of the University must abide by all these laws.

SW Akhtar was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Integral University on March 21, 2005. The term period for him to remain as the Vice Chancellor was decided for 5 years. But before the completion of the term period, which was pre-determined, SW Akhtar was given a fresh appointment on August 18, 2008. And yet again a fresh appointment was made for him on August 17, 2013 till August 18, 2018. The High court found out that his five-year term period was already over and further, he has also reached the age of 65 years and hence his continuation as VC was against the rules. The High Court sent the order to the University, giving them the warning to follow the rules strictly.
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