Ready, Steady, Launch!

Noorul Islam University is known for its engineering departments. Students from the University came up with an idea to build an actual satellite, on behalf of the college which was donated to ISRO so that they could launch it along with 20 other satellites that ISRO was launching. The satellite was named as NIUSAT and was built by over 145 students. NIUSAT will be launched into space along with 20 other Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles. 


Noorul Islam University has always had the reputation for inspiring students with creativity, a group of students expired their desire to launch an actual satellite, which was welcomed by the University. The professors and Vice Chancellor of the University welcomed the idea wholeheartedly and contacted the ISRO chief. The organization was not sure whether a bunch of college students could be accountable to build a satellite, however, they consented.


The satellite has a multi-spectral camera with 30m resolution and 60 square km area of coverage. Once the satellite launches,the solar panels are deployed and it can oversee the impediments caused to crops, due to over-irrigation.This will help the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in disaster management and the satellite will mainly focus on the regions that were affected by the 2004 Tsunami.The satellite is 15 Kgs and a special four-storeyed control panel has been set up to overlook the controlling of the satellite

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