Next Achievement of UPES: The Story of a Tech Geek

UPES has made its headlines once again with the tech innovation. A student of UPES, Kumari Nidhi was part of France held the program in Ecole Centrale de Lyon. She is the first person to bag the Shikhar Thales scholarship in 2020. She got the opportunity to participate in ISRO's diverse research project. She also attended the Kanpur IIT project. In an interview, she revealed that she is finally getting closer to her dream of building lightweight powered commercial aircrafts using novel technologies. Recently the university made headlines for a telemedicine app spotdoc. Many times before for or it's competitive advancement in global competitions. 

In her interview, she expressed her gratification towards the institution she is studying in. She said that she always knew that UPES will get her closer to her dream. She also is very grateful that she got the opportunity to get some recognition. Also for nurturing her and giving scope for improvement. A girl from a small village of Bihar can also be described as one of the most underdeveloped places. Being from such a small village and aiming big to achieve was a very big challenge for Nidhi. About her curriculum interest. In her high school days like any other Indian students prepared for the IIT entrance exam. But unfortunately, it was not possible for me to get into IIT but she believes that her fate leads her to UPES. She is a 2016 to 2020 batch student of UPES. 

Nidhi describes her interest in working in the IIRS Indian institute of remote sensing which she got an opportunity and fulfilled her dream of working there. She explained the delete of working in one of the finest laboratories of the nation. It was her interest in working in the IIRS Dehradun department of space under the Government of India. She describes she is more inspired to do better. When talking about her academics she opened about her performance in the previous semester. She got an F grade in her first semester and throughout her academics, she was struggling to maintain an SGPA of 6.25. Also to maintain a good CGPA. But her interest in aeronautics inspired her to work harder each time. She is a student studying aerospace engineering in UPES and she chose to opt for avionics as a specialization. It was explained that the college had its rules of not allowing internship in the initial years but after back and forth got the opportunity that she was very interested in that is to work in IIRS. 

Her learning opportunities increased when she had an Intensive summer camp in the Indian Institute of Science in IIT Kanpur. There she learnt about artificial intelligence AI and the internet of things iot. She aspires to study in foreign universities for her master courses. She mentioned her great gratification to her department for helping her through all the procedures. Under the guidelines of Dr. Sudhir Joshi, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi and Dr. Gurunadh Velidi, she applied for many masters courses abroad and was fortunate enough to get selected for Ecole centrale de Lyon in France. Although she focused on on-campus selections but was also very interested in pursuing education ahead so she can Excel in her career and give her best. Like IIT's are the standards of India and are known for best education facilities, the same way the institute in France is one of the best institutions it could offer having a history of more than 150 years. Nidhi has shown the power of focusing on one's interest and has inspired many youngsters to excel in their field of interest. She finally thanks her family and friends of the department for the support she gained. Yet once again UPES has surprised everyone with the outstanding performance of its students. The institution kept its reputation high and not decreasing the stakes.

                                                          (Kumari Nidhi: The first recipient of the Shikhar Thales Scholarship 2020)

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