MILE Conducted its Next Webinar on "Business in Pandemic Times"

Lexicon Management Institute Of Leadership & Excellence has conducted a webinar on ‘’Business in Pandemic Times’’ which was scheduled on 14/07/20 at 12:30 PM. The webinar was all about the strategic values of adaptability, flexibility and sustainability one has to maintain to stabilize his/her business in this catastrophic situation.

Well, the economy of the whole world has gone for a toss without sparing any country in particular and so are business dipping, especially the small businesses during this COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has been the most unexpected one and also the one never experienced hence the constant need for some motivation can be a therapy for a business person. Some enlightenment and some suggestion are needed by everyone during this crisis so they can look forward to the eye-opening webinar on "Business in Pandemic Times" which is really needed as of now because the organizations and the leaders are struggling during this period, the most and they are trying to adapt to the situation by driving engagement of the employees, upskilling them during this difficult times which has become a tough task from past few months since people are unable to meet the employees physically and the pressure handled by the employees at home because most of the employees are Working From Home during this time as a result of they being not allowed to come to offices as per the government rules. Hence considering all these issues, Mr. Nasir Shaikh, the Chief Executive Officer Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, and Mr. Stephan Krol, Chief Financial Officer, Mercedez Benz India Pvt Ltd, enlightened the aspirants to run a successful business in the most difficult part during this time and explained how to maintain the sustainability in managing the vital supply chains, return-to-’’normal’’ scenarios and long-term impacts, maintaining flexibility in mobilizing funds, people, products, factories and other resources to support response to COVID-19. Also, he described how to adapt to this situation and how to have good business continuity plans and to face the uncertain future and nothing is predictable now so to just adapt by maintaining flexibility in the business to run it with sustainability.

We need great mentors and their ideas and this could be a great opportunity for such people to gain knowledge on these issues by attending this webinar by clicking on the link

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