Mercedes goes up in flames on DND flyover as MBA student escapes unhurt

Gagan Kalra a second year MBA student at Amity University Noida was returning home to Kailash colony in South Delhi while the fire broke out in his car around 4:40 pm. Five-day-old Mercedes car worth over Rs 35 lakh suddenly burst into flames near Maharani Bagh on the DND Flyway, turning the brand new luxury sedan into scrap in a matter of minutes.

Narrow Escape For Gagan

Gagan told the fire department officials that he saw smoke coming out of the bonnet of the car near DND and he parked it on the side of the road to check where the smoke was coming from. But as soon as he stepped out, the car spontaneously caught fire. Gagan, however, managed to escape This fatal accident without any injuries. As the car burned, traffic piled up behind it and caused an hour-long snarl on the DND Flyway.

Gagan's Father says he gifted the car to his son just 5 days ago 

Gagan called the fire department but by the time the fire engine reached the spot, the car had been completely burnt. "Fortunately, Gagan Kalra had not applied the central lock of the car. He could have been trapped inside and gotten hurt," the official said. Kalra's father said he had gifted the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 to his son just five days ago.

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