Manipal University Students Come Up With a Solution to Help Patients Take Their Medications on Time

When monitoring medication for an individual or oneself, one often tends to forget or delay taking the medicine which may sometimes fail the entire purpose of taking the medication. In order to make this task an easier one, two third-year engineering students from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a prototype called ‘Smart Medikit’ to ensure that people with memory disorders take their medication on a regular basis and on time. 

What 'Smart Medikit' is all about:

Shambavi Ganesh along with Jhelum Nandy developed this prototype with a GSM module which when triggered will send out a message to the concerned person alerting them to take his/her medication. The team of two won the second prize in the 'MIT Innovation Challenge' which was held last year and a seed capital of Rs 15,000 was awarded.The model was developed to make sure the user will be able to maintain a strictly regulated time cycle.  

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Shambavi stated that when monitoring the medication of an individual, a certain amount of manpower is generally required and is not always available. The Medikit serves as a reminder but has another fascinating feature, it is also designed to send messages to the concerned person whose number can be fed into the device. This has served to be the most important feature of the model. This Medikit involves a password-protected system with which one can configure the settings, for example, which medicine is to be taken at what time and the contact number of the concerned person to whom messages have to be sent to. It aims to serve as a reminding kit by interfacing the GSM SIM900 Module, LCD, numerous sensors, and hex keypad together. 

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