Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology conducts programmes to help students learn

The MBA department of Malla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology (MRCET), Hyderabad conducted the HR Summit-2016 and a mind-set training program to make students understand the working of corporate industries and to make sure that students pick up a few finer points to face the dynamics of the corporate world.

The vice-president of KVM Industries, C. Srinivasan, emphasized to the students that technical knowledge in addition to their professional degrees is important to succeed. "Students must utilise learning resources such as newspapers, internet and magazines to equip themselves with the latest developments in the industry."

 MREC conference covers varied areas of engineering and management

The International Conference on Trends in Information, Management, Engineering and Sciences at the Malla Reddy Engineering College in Hyderabad, India. The conference will cover areas like Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace and many more.

"Learning is easy when the mind is in a state of learning. Setting the mind to have that learning state is even more important than depending on hard work for success,” opines  Jong-ho Kim,  a  lecturer in International Mind Education Institution (IMEI), South Korea, and an expert in mind lectures.

This lecture was a part of week-long Mind Education camp where students were taught that acquiring a mindset can help them learn. 

 South Korea reaches out to Indian Students

During the talk Jong-ho Kim highlighted that human thoughts have power over bodily functions and this determines the quality of one’s life. Depending on one’s mindset, the way we work differs and thus our success.

IYF which has centres in 90 countries and is headquartered in South Korea, reaches out to Indian students through such camps. “Initially students would go to South Korea for the training where they stayed and trained along with people from across the word and acquire a global mindset. Now we hold these camps locally spearheaded by our experts,” explained Dr Sophie Rani, research associate at DRDO and also a lecturer in IMEI. 

The talk was followed by an interactive session called Mind Recreation Module which focused on designing mind. “Mind can be designed in a way a building is designed with the help of a blueprint. The way we think, determines our life and hence, one’s mind is important for success, “said Jong-ho Kim.

The module also focused on art of listening, importance of self-control and importance of challenging mindset.  



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