Madras University says ''NO'' to Distance

The University of Madras is one of the Oldest Universities in the Country and provided courses through normal as well as distance education. The distance education courses were highly beneficial for students who were bound to work along with studies. The University had a separate Distance Education Cell which aimed at providing quality level of education to students who enrolled through the distance medium. However, earlier in May, the University decided to withdraw all study centers that provides distance education, from the present academic year.

Withdrawal of Distance Education Courses

Madras University had 50 study centers, out of which, 15 were located in different countries like Nepal, Kuwait and Sri Lanka. The University Grants Commission has only recognized two University's Distance Education Programmes. There were various circulars sent by UGC about the same which conflicted students as to whether the degree would be valid in the future. The Vice Chancellor of the University has stated that the students who are currently pursuing their degree do not need to worry, as their academic curriculum would continue as usual.
The University also stated that it was a conscious decision taken by the University after considering all associated parties.

Centres Closed

There were 15 centers present in the regions oof Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvalur. All these centers will function till the year 2019, after which they will be converted into University offices. The Employees who work at the University will be transferred to different branches of Madras University.