LPUs' School of Agriculture now working on organics' and won research award worth 4.5 crores

The School of Agriculture at Lovely Professional University (LPU) takes a scientific approach to both Agriculture and Pedagogy. The curricula at LPU are benchmarked against IOWA State University and PURDUE University of USA. Providing high-quality research education for a wide range of agriculture programs, each course includes extensive hands-on learning.

This is facilitated through crop production on the vast lands of the university, nursery raising for horticulture crops, crop and seed identification lab, soil and water sampling/analysis, soil description/interpretation lab, manure identification lab, and vegetable crop production lab. No effort is spared to develop well-informed leaders of the agriculture field.

The one Decision that will soon spin it all up

Once, agriculture relied heavily on harmful chemical fertilisers and toxic pesticides, leaving that trend behind, LPU Department of Agriculture has undertaken the production and promotion of organic farming yields, on the campus. Hundreds of its students are involved in this endeavour. They are learning healthy, sustainable farming practices and witnessing how organic agriculture enriches the soil and increases the long-term yield, nutrient value and potency of crops, season by season.

LPU Agriculture students are also learning Green House (Poly House) production, Tissue culture, Collection of Plasma, usage of natural resources and compost, and floriculture. Most importantly they are learning to be entrepreneurs who know how to get the best out of the smallest piece of land and leave it even more enriched.

We want more!

The School of Agriculture was envisaged and initiated at LPU by its Vice Chancellor Dr Ramesh Kanwar, who is a Water Resources Engineer and has worked as a consultant for the World Bank, the European Commission, the Global Environment Facility, and many foreign governments. Dr Kanwar feels, “Our aim is to educate and create awareness among agriculture students, about the benefits of novel agriculture in particular, and the welfare of mankind in general. The kind of research that LPU is undertaking is niche LPU. We want to see our Agriculture School emerge as a centre of research excellence, and eventually as one of the top schools in the world.” That the school is making swift strides in this direction, is evident in its recent success. 

LPU and McGill University, Canada have been given the Rs. 4.5 Crores Indo-Canadian Impact Research Project. A project that will benefit our global society.

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