Lovely Professional University organized the 3rd Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference

The Spinal Cord Injury Association (SCIA) along with Lovely Professional University organized the 3rd Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Conference ‘Vistaar’ at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium in LPU Campus. The various sessions of the conference sensitized different agencies to adopt rigorous measures in preventing injuries that affect the spine to happen. Almost 200 persons with spine injuries, even from far-off cities, assembled at the campus to be a part of this effective campaign. 

Interaction with the injured:

There were nearly 150-200 persons suffering from spine injuries that attended this conference. A one-to-one interaction was held between the injured and experts to counsel and help them with befitting solutions to their problems. 15 wheelchairs were distributed to the affected to help them live an active life of self-dependence and mobility at the event. A 'Doctors' session was held where the best specialists in Neurology, Urology, Nephrology, Spine Injuries, Embryology, and Infertility inspired affected persons to go for rehabilitation for independent and respectable social Life. The specialists helped in motivating them to raise their married family life and be an integral part of the society.  In addition to this, various problems related to fertility, sexuality, urinary tract infections, and other injuries related to the spine were discussed & tackled by renowned doctors during the one-to-one interaction session. 


An interactive session was held during which Miss India 2015 (Wheelchair) Priya Bhargava shared her thoughts on disability. She said  “I think everybody is disabled in this world, in one form or the other. One must not feel dejected with their present suffering; it can be covered and enjoyed also. I appeal that government agencies should come forward to accord computer based and allied jobs in which persons like me can do while sitting at home for example content writing.” Similarly, Anand Arnold, who has been 4 times Mr. India (Wheel Chair) and 12 times Mr. Punjab (Wheel Chair), flaunted his robust physique and went on to say ''Disability is only in our minds. We can make the most of it and also live a blessed life. We must come out of our houses to learn how to exist confidently in the society. I have also worked for Bollywood and Hollywood films and a book has been written about my achievements to inspire other persons like me.” 

The President of SCIA's perspective: 

SCIA President Parvinder Singh Sonu, who is bed-ridden himself for several years now, expresses his thoughts at the conference: “The main motive of the SCIA is to serve as a comprehensive resource center for individuals who have been personally affected by a spinal cord injury, those working in related fields and other concerned persons as well.” In addition to that, the association's Vice President Dawinder Singh shared to the audience: “Our Association aims to trace people suffering from spinal injuries, donate them wheelchairs so that they too can be mobile and live their life independently. We also coordinate with institutions to provide them with vocational training to make them financially independent.'' 


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