Lovely Professional University is Leading the Way for Students to Combat COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has remarkably changed the whole world. The disaster created a huge economic crisis in every sector. To overcome these difficulties, the world will definitely need some leaders, professionals, and thinkers, who can lead it to a better place for all. To see the new sunrise after COVID-19, LPU has taken some challenges to tackle the aftermath of this outbreak. To fight with the pandemic Government has announced lockdown for the safety of the citizens. In this particular time, LPU seamlessly moved on and ensured that its student’s learning didn’t suffer.  Now more than ever, the onus rests on institutions of higher learning to shape these game-changers of tomorrow without compromising on their safety and learning experience.

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is undoubtedly one of the best Universities in India, that offers quality education with high paid campus companies. LPU is ranked amongst the top 100 in NIRF rankings by MHRD – Government of India. Mr. Aman Mittal, Additional Director (Media), LPU informs, “We have our own data sector with software including a Whatsapp like an app where students can interact with faculty members. We have also invested in a learning management system (LMS) app where students can download assignments, upload their work, keep a track of time tables, check results, etc.” referring to the digital infrastructure of the University. 

To maintain the safety protocol of the students at the same time enhancing the study facilities, LPU facilities are all set to send notes, assignments, and learning material to students through LPU's communication app. Frequent faculty training programs organized by the university ensured that its pillars of strength weren’t left behind. The faculty members are well trained to make online classes as well as to cater to student's needs. The digitalization will definitely create a new experience for the whole pedagogy and the student culture.  “We are quick to adapt and always focus on student welfare. I think, especially in these times, it is important that students choose new generation, dynamic universities like LPU rather than traditional universities,” Mr. Mittal added. LPU has taken the whole admission procedure online for the aspirants to emphasize on the sanitization and social distancing. 

Lovely Professional University has adapted to them innovatively and let’s say- seamlessly, paving the way for others to follow suit. For more information on LPU’s admission process please visit or call at 1800 102 4057. You can now also contact the university through WhatsApp on +91-9852569000.

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