Life at NMIMS - An exclusive review

- By Aanchal Sahdev

For me, ‘life at NMIMS’ and ‘life in Mumbai’ are interchangeable. They coexist to the extent that I do not experience either without the other happening in the background. So even though 5th of June was the date when I joined NMIMS as a student, the experience had started off on 2nd of June itself, when I bid goodbye to Delhi and moved to Mumbai.

The first glimpse of the excitement at hand

Soon, things started to shape up and I could see how they are actually going to be. The lectures took off in full flow and with that came pre-reads, assignments, and quizzes. Alongside came the designated tasks for various committees for which we were diligently interviewed. Notifications about corporate projects and business competitions from some top-notch companies came flying in daily, and after about forty days into the college came the first set of examinations for the MBA program. Multiple activities are happening simultaneously and are being seen through with perfection because of the efforts being spent on their ideation and execution.

The lectures officially end at two, but the college premises are packed with students till late at night. Some of us are organizing events and workshops, some are attending them, some are studying and some are in meetings, working and ideating for future events, presentations, and group assignments. We have a canteen - catering a large variety of food items - to which students can be found escaping to in breaks. The schedules are tightly packed, but the quality of work that is produced cannot be compromised in any way. This is ensured by an extremely talented batch of seniors, who not only keep us motivated to work, but are more than willing to groom us and help us out with our queries. This is how we are learning and practicing Management every day, starting by organizing ourselves and looping in our daily commitments.

The acclimatizing phase

Work can flow in at any time, and there are always pending assignments in my to-do list, but at the end of the event and submitted task there is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction, which I get to celebrate with friends - who have slowly become family – in this beautiful city by the sea. Of course, when you have the opportunity to gain so much in such little time, you learn how to prioritize, and some things become more urgent than others. It’s not ironic that though my phone is constantly full of unread chats no matter the time I spend in reading them all, my mother is never tired of complaining that I never find time to talk to her!

Life at NMIMS, as you can see, is a plethora of opportunities that you have to ponder upon and grab. Time is short and expectations are high, but the peers are exceedingly helpful, and the learning - immense.


Aanchal Sahdev - An MBA student at NMIMS, Mumbai

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