Kissing Our Way Through Uni

Jadavpur University is one of the oldest University's in India and always had a niche to question government rules. The students at the University were furious with the Modi Government's take on things related to the celebration of Valentine's Day and even Mother's Day and decided to stabilize a radical method to show the Government that they were not scared of embracing Westernism and that India is not a far fetched land that dwells in backwardness.

Kissing Galore

Students at the University hosted an Open Kissing Festival and fearlessly protested against the Government Rule of kissing in public. Boys and Girls embraced each other and kissed in public. The main purpose of hosting such a festival was to show that India is no longer scared of the moral and religious police and that the Government cannot enforce scrupulous rules on the public.
Earlier, the students of JNU had also hosted a kissing festival which had more than 2000 participants.

Government Action

It was the first time the City of Joy experienced a protest as such. Thousands of people attended the event and spectators looked on with dreary eyes. Students of Presidency University were also present along with the JU Students. 
Approximately 300 activists who were students as well alumni's of the University, marched to the Jadavpur Police Station and kissed in public.
The students repeatedly chanted "Amar shorir amar mon bondho hok raj sashon" (My body, my mind, who are you to lay moral rules on me ?)


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