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** 75 Days, 72 Companies, 1451 Placements **

Jaipur, India’s official “Pink City” has been traditionally known for its marvellous vintage architecture, royal history, and delectable food recipes. It’s been long since Jaipur has found its permanent place on the tourist map of not just India but of the world. Millions of tourists every year find their way to its colourful markets and chaotic streets, but over the years, this city has undergone transformations that are extending its reputation from that of a holiday destination. 

Jaipur is pushing its boundaries and has now become one of the hottest destinations for Multi-National Companies to hire fresh talent from. This evolution of Jaipur, as the new placement hub of India, is the outcome of the colossal leap in its higher education set up. Jaipur now has the distinction to be the home of some of the most progressive universities and colleges of higher education in this country. Over the last decade, these hubs of education have quickly adapted to the changing facets of delivering education and are now focusing on the all-inclusive development of their students. The greater emphasis on increased industry-academia interface, industry-supported training, curriculums on updated technologies and rigorous pre-placement training that focuses equally upon the interpersonal skills of the students has exponentially enhanced the footfall of giant companies in these campuses for recruitments.

Student Interaction Session

As a result of all this, one name that has become synonymous with the sphere of higher education in Rajasthan is that of JECRC Foundation. Over the last two decades of its existence, JECRC Foundation, through its persistent pursuit for excellence has steadily but surely set up the premise for the unbelievable numbers it has been able to amass in its campus placement drives. Much to its credit is the fact that since its inception, bulk recruiters like Accenture, TCS &Capgemini have held exclusive recruitment drives annually for the students of the JECRC Foundation. This has resulted in more than 10,500 of its students grabbing their dream jobs in 700 such companies in the last fifteen years. This year as well, in just the first 75 days of placement season, a total of 1451 students of JECRC Foundation got offer letters from 72 companies like Deloitte, E&Y, Capgemini, TCS, Accenture, MTX, Mindtree, Birlasoft, Metacube, BYJU’s, Pinnacle & ZS Associates through exclusive campus drives organised by JECRC Foundation. These students belong to the entire spectrum of traits offered at JECRC Foundation viz. Engineering, Journalism, Design, Law, Humanities, Hospitality, Sciences & Management. 

This feat is unprecedented not just in the history of the JECRC Foundation but is also unrivalled among similar groups in the region. Testimony to it is the fact that the Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sh. Ashok Gehlot took cognizance of this achievement and invited the leadership team of JECRC to congratulate and commend them on this triumph. He deeply appreciated the efforts put in by the entire team of JECRC Foundation and reverberated the thought that such accomplishments go a long way in strongly establishing Rajasthan as the powerhouse of talent in India. He especially appreciated the fact that out of the selected students around 35% are girls who belong to the small towns and districts of Rajasthan. He was also delighted to know that, this year, not just the number of selections have increased but also the average offered package saw a leap of 20% and reached a figure of 4.5 lacs per annum.

Training & Placement Cell

Vice-Chairman, JECRC Foundation, Shri. Amit Agrawal highlighted that one of the pivotal factors that contributed to this winning streak is a focused awareness of the changing paradigms of the core sector recruitments. The increased penetration of IT sector companies in projects related to Construction, Finance, Operations, and Manufacturing has led to inflation in selections of Electrical, Mechanical & Civil engineering students in software companies. The foundation has also made a conscious effort to engage core companies like Mahindra First Choice, Bridgestone Tyres, and Phillips. GR Infra, Ashiana Housing, and FEV India as technology partners which have led to full-time job offers by these companies to the core branch students.

He further added that as the focal point of technology shifts to IoT, Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence, the coming years will see an eruption in job opportunities in these sectors. Accordingly, JECRC has begun, training its students on these skills under its “Teaching beyond Curriculum” initiative. 

Director, JECRC Foundation, Shri. Arpit Agrawal pointed out that a new observable trend in the latest hiring patterns of software companies is the advent of “Competition Based Hiring” wherein the company conducts a nationwide technical proficiency test and hires candidates based on its result. The foundation has quickly adapted to this scenario and has been consistently providing the highest number of Microsoft Student Partners and TCS Codevita selections.

He also mentioned that the turning point in the placement figures at JECRC Foundation came with the introduction of a 200 hour rigorous “Campus Recruitment Training” program, carefully devised to cater to the latest selection criteria of various companies. This program’s unique soft skill and personality development segment has helped the students face their interviews confidently and produce better results.

                      Campus Recruitment       JECRC Placements

The foundation has also been foremost in motivating its students to join the armed forces. A significant number of their students are currently serving the nation in the army, air force and navy.

Such stories are revolutionising the way the world looks at Jaipur. Companies that earlier turned to Jaipur, just for their meet & greet venues are now turning towards Jaipur as a source of budding talent waiting to be tapped. Jaipur is racing its way and jumping the stairs towards joining cities like Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad & Bengaluru as the most favoured campus recruitment destinations. It is only the beginning and for students of Jaipur, this start has been like a dream come true.

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